About Maria

Maria’s journey into fashion began in the 7th grade when “nothing fit right.” Met by opposition and ridicule, she persevered and found her avenue to touch the world.

In 1982, Maria and her husband moved to Houston, and soon she was doing alterations and custom clothing from her home. Through referrals, her business grew and she eventually opened a very successful studio in Rice Village, where she remained for many years.  Her expanding clientele branched into costumes for theater and opera, displays for prominent fabric store owners, and evening gowns for beauty pageant contestants.

With needle and thread in hand, she would sew a hem, recreate custom evening wear and day wear from a photograph, bead and fit prom dresses and she even worked with museums to restore Aboriginal works of art.

I teach my clients how to shop, what to alter, and what styles to wear in order to look and feel good.   Many of my clients are on diet programs, and they come to me for alterations and to learn how to dress their new body.   Clothes are an important factor in boosting self-confidence and in helping to overcome an individual’s insecurities about their body.
     The time I spent nursing the elderly taught me to be a quick and fair judge of character and personality, which is critical to the success of my counseling.”