Your closet can have the ability to control your life. To take control of your closet, you must understand how it works, how it can fill your needs, and how it can give you structure.”

What does this involve?

Maria will meet with you to discuss your needs and concerns about your wardrobe and how she can assist you.  Together, you will develop a plan for your wardrobe that is based on your needs.

She will take into account your personality, activities, and lifestyle, and with her quick and experienced eye, she will sort through the items in your closet and begin organizing by color, style, fabric, and season.

Maria has found that many clients have a great selection of current clothes, they merely need suggestions for new combinations to create new outfits.  Another option that Maria explores with her clients is whether an item should receive alterations so that the style is a better match for you and your body.  When items do need to be altered, Maria pins them, takes them with her, and returns them to you at a future consultation (or prepares them for your pick-up).  Additionally, she will discuss the option of donating or consigning the items that will not work in your new wardrobe.

Next, Maria will analyze your closet, walk you through space planning, and re-organize your closet layout, if necessary.

And then – the fun part!  Coordinating your accessories with your wardrobe!  Shoes, belts, jewelry, scarves, hats, and handbags!  Through On The Rocks Boutique, Maria can create custom, one-of-a-kind jewelry made with semi-precious stones that compliment your hair and skin tone, as well as your wardrobe.

Maria will shop for you (or with you!) for exactly what you need to complete your new wardrobe.