Clients, please, take a moment and share your testimonial.

When Maria expanded her business to butterfly landscapes I immediately called her to ask for help – and oh my gosh, now my yard is a peaceful haven. A dear friend of mine who did all my landscaping passed away very suddenly last year. It was crucial for me to find someone who would honor his memory, not just replace everything.

Maria approached the job with such love and care. She considered EVERYTHING: budget, timing, my friend’s memory, my needs for low maintenance. And she put soul back into my yard. I am now enjoying butterflies and bright colors all over again. I can feel a hug from Corey and Maria every time I step outside. So incredibly grateful.

Rosemarie P., Houston, Texas 2023

I wanted to attract butterflies and Maria floated into my life. What an amazing person! She was referred to me by Ron, who did my sprinkler system. I truly believe that what she does is God inspired. Maria walked around my backyard and became one with it. She and I discussed some general likes/dislikes (I know nothing about plants but I wanted to attract hummingbirds and butterflies).

I just let her do her thing. She put together a beautiful collection of plants that offered beauty and also included flowering plants that would attract butterflies and other pollinators. She talked me into a fountain that has become the statement piece in the yard and advised us on a proper watering plan.

Everything went very well until the aphids found a home in the milkweed and I mistakenly thought they were butterfly eggs but she took care of the pesky aphids as well. My backyard now provides resources that increase the world’s population of Monarch Butterflies. With Maria’s guidance, my backyard has been certified by the North American Butterfly Association as a Certified Monarch Garden. Thank you so much and may you have amazing grace.

Paul S., Houston, Texas 2023

Maria did a wonderful job with our patio landscaping. Very quick consultation and estimate. Work started the day after that. Extremely professional and courteous team, always very clean – put down tarps inside the home.

What started as a patio full of dead grass and weeds was transformed into an amazing area with plants picked specifically for the amount of sunlight our backyard receives. I highly recommend Maria for landscaping and look forward to working with them again on a future project!

Jude F., Houston, Texas 2023

Our home was new construction when we bought it in fall of 2020. The builders asked us about landscaping preferences and we told them we needing things that were hardy and low maintenance. We get a lot of sun and summer months are HOT here in Nacogdoches. So, they gave us some monkey grass and bushes. Fast forward two and a half years… to say our curb appeal was lacking would be an understatement.

It started off simple but boring, but we had two snowstorms and a major freeze in 2021 and the plants took a beating. We talked with Maria about our plans to pull everything up (half of it was dying, the other half was depressing) and semi-joked we would just put in a rock garden. While visiting our house, Maria noticed plants in the neighbors’ gardens that were doing well – even though they endured the same snowstorms and freezes. The more she talked about our garden’s potential, the more hopeful we felt in trying again.

We gave Maria a budget and some general likes/dislikes of certain plants. She put together a beautiful collection of plants that met our very particular (difficult) preferences, offered beauty and something beyond “builder-grade bushes”, and also included flowering plants that would attract butterflies and other pollinators. She also advised us on a proper watering plan with our irrigation system, particularly because we have a lot of red mud/clay in our soil and it can easily waterlog the plants.

The new plants compliment each other and the style of our home beautifully and I catch myself admiring it all as I’m coming or going. Many thanks and heartfelt hugs to Maria for her hard work, patience, insightfulness and time!

Sarah K., Nacogdoches, Texas 2023

This amazingly talented woman has turned our overgrown, weed-ridden patio into a beautiful, peaceful garden where we can relax and enjoy the beauty of creation. Her artistic eye and knowledge of the plants has made a fascinating area that we will take pleasure in for years to come. I highly recommend her.

Dora F., Houston, Texas 2023

Maria did quite a bit of alterations to a satin bridesmaid dress I had and it fit like a glove! She has great turnaround time and she’s just such an amazing person. I will be going back to Maria for anything else I need done.

Karlye B., Houston, Texas 2023
Alterations | Repairs

My wife got a dress done by Maria so it was a no brainer who we were using for me. She fitted me on a Tuesday and it was done on Wednesday mid day and it was a perfect fit. She’s such a kind woman and she does amazing work. Will be returning for further needs!

Gavin O., Houston, Texas 2023
Alterations | Repairs

I couldn’t have asked Maria for a better time to come into my life. My good friend gave me her contact information about a year and a half ago. I knew I needed a fresh look, well overdue but kept putting it off because deep down I wasn’t ready to prune those old layers of me that were no longer serving my present self. You see, I thought the image consultation was going to go straight to the point.

Maria truly took her time at our first meeting to get to know what prompted this change and everything she shared with me was on point. She is an angel, as soon as she left the appointment I knew she was god sent. Her spirit is genuine and truly comes from a place to help you on your journey and does so with genuine passion. She is life!

She also is so knowledgeable and knows so much about finding your true image. That is what I am excited about. She will find the you in YOU!

If you have been on the fence of calling her, this is your sign. You won’t regret it. Everything happens for a reason and she is helping me now at the perfect time. Divine timing! I am also a single mother and love how she is very understanding and compassionate, goes above and beyond to understand me and go at my pace for my transformation! This is so special, the process of finding my true image!

Maria C, Houston, Texas 2023
Image Consulting | Personal Shopping
Closet Organization | Wardrobe Consultation

Maria helped me with planning my move, after living in my home for 18 years. She was instrumental with the planning, packing, and anticipating all that was needed for my move. I could not have done it without her. She is very resourceful, forward-thinking, caring, and prepared.

I could not make heads or tails of where to start, what to keep, and what to donate. The “homework” that she provided really helped keep me focused. I will be forever grateful for her assistance!

Lorie B., Houston, Texas 2022
Home Organization | Interior Decorating

Oh my! I don’t have enough superlative words to say! Maria is THE BEST! She is professional and it is evident she loves what she does. She altered my wedding dress so that it is the perfect fit! Not only that, in this day of struggles to find people who want to help, Maria makes you feel like the most beautiful bride in the world, and she means it! Highly recommend her for any alterations!

Martha A., Houston, Texas 2022
Bridal Alterations

As many brides have or do experience, wedding planning can be overwhelming. It requires you to muster up all the organization and timing skills you’ve ever had to put to use into one project, and things can slip through the cracks all the time. When it came to getting my dress altered, I had no idea on timing and what needed to be done, but luckily, Maria was recommended to me by my girlfriends that have used her over the years.

I had heard she was great, but was totally blown away by the expertise, experience, and especially CARE that she gave. She shares in your excitement, calms your nervous energy, gives you tips and tricks on how the dress works, and what to and not to do when wearing it and treats you immediately like family and was totally invested in the dress, possibly more than myself. She COMPLETELY took away every ounce of stress that I had about the dress within minutes of our first meeting, and gave me peace on knowing THAT part of the wedding was 100% taken care of, by her.

I just picked up my dress from her yesterday, and am almost giddy as to how beautifully this dress fits. She went above and beyond, even needing to hand stitch much of what was originally assumed to not need it (and believe me, this dress is ridiculously intricate.) It fits me like a glove, and I came away feeling like a rockstar. She even messaged me earlier this month to tell me she had found a veil that made her think of me, (as of course, I hadn’t gotten one before the original fitting) which turned out to work PERFECTLY. That kind of consideration and care is beyond rare, and forever appreciated.

The cake, signage, travel details, and a million other things that still need to done may not all come together perfectly, but THIS DRESS will make up for ALL.

If you are on the fence about using her, jump off RIGHT NOW and into her talented arms. Save your sanity, and prepare to look better than you EVER have, once she’s worked her magic.

Chelsea K., Houston, Texas 2022
Bridal Alterations

I am very glad to have found Maria and have really enjoyed working with her on my goals. Like many have noted, she is a bright light and a great energy. I value her expertise and knowledge in clothing, from color selection and fit to proper cleaning and storage. She has helped me reorganize my closet and wardrobe, identifying quickly what works for me and what needs to be altered or discarded and noting any needs. She’s a fresh, well versed set of kind eyes that will make anyone look better.

Wendy S., Houston, Texas 2022
Closet Organization | Wardrobe Consultation
Alterations | Repairs

Maria was a lifesaver! She altered my wedding dress and was super efficient and cost effective. I appreciate that she aims to get it just right but without suggesting any unnecessary changes or an unnecessary number of fittings. She recognizes that you want your dress to be perfect but it is also just one day you will be wearing it! I love my dress and am very excited to get to wear it.

Becca F., Houston, Texas 2022
Bridal Alterations

Today I was the client. Usually I’m working the charity with Maria. But I was in need of alterations on my bridesmaids dress. This dress was beautiful and ordered online so I was at the mercy of accurate sizing charts.

Well, the dress was 2-3 sizes too big. Even with it being a corset back I couldn’t cinch it up enough to do it justice. So I asked Maria if she had time to help me.

Let me tell you. This lady worked miracles on this dress! And I learned a few things too. This is also another hat Maria has that I had not seen her personally wear yet. Maria carefully pinned and fitted my dress wherever it needed to be brought in. Made sure I could move and breathe and most importantly the dress stay put. It’s strapless. Once she showed me how to take it off, I made another appointment to go in for fitting and pick up. The dress fit like a glove. I highly recommend Maria for any and all of her transformation services she offers. She is truly amazing. Pricing is very affordable and the service is two thumbs up 👍🏼👍🏼

Lynn P., Katy, Texas 2021
Alterations | Repairs

Maria did a wonderful job meeting and doing alterations for my daughter’s homecoming dress and also helped out with her Halloween costume. She was so patient and professional. We will certainly use her again for special occasion alterations! Thank you!

Melissa C., Houston, Texas 2021
Alterations | Repairs

Maria did an incredible job with alterations for a bridesmaid’s dress that I needed hemmed and tailored on the top. She was very clear on what her suggestions were to ensure that I would feel comfortable in the dress and that it would fit well for the wedding.

She always treats her clients like family, honest with recommendations and she never fails! Maria is also very respectful with timing for your needs and upfront with how long it will take to get the article(s) back, so there is no uncertainty. The dress turned out perfectly and I will continue to use and recommend Transformations by Maria to all my friends and family looking for alterations!

Becca G., Houston, Texas 2021
Alterations | Repairs

“Maria is amazing with tailoring! I have had blouses, button downs, t-shirts, rompers, work pants & jeans all tailored by Maria, and everything fits so much better now! I loved so may of these items but could not wear them because I did not like the way they fit – too big or too baggy. When I met Maria and she told me that she also did tailoring, I just knew it was perfect timing to get these items tailored so that I can wear all of them all now! Thank You Maria!”

Eileen B., Houston, Texas, 2020
Alterations | Repairs

“I was looking for someone to alter some pieces that I have had but was worried to get altered. My friends have been to Maria multiple times including for their wedding gowns. They all raved about her. Maria was wonderful from the first moment I walked in. She made me feel so comfortable. I could tell right away that she is very experienced and is super knowledgeable when it comes to different materials, fits, and cuts. She did a wonderful job. If you are anxious about having alterations done on something you really love- you should go to her. She will do a wonderful job and you will never have to look for someone else again.”

Jamille H., Houston, Texas, 2020
Alterations | Repairs

“Transformations by Maria did a phenomenal job helping me to get five articles of clothing to fit my body so well. Not only was Maria very kind and professional, she walked through each piece of clothing and told me what her plans were and why she would alter it the way she planned.

Maria did one bridesmaid dress and was able to make it perfectly fit so that I would be comfortable dancing around the dance floor all night. I was also extremely pleased with how a pair of jeans were altered, I have never been able to buy a pair of jeans that fit this well.

Maria is a miracle worker who cares so much for her customers and their happiness with the alterations. I will continue to go to Maria for any of my alterations needs. I know my alterations will be completed with highest care and attention to detail, ready in time for my events/need. And, I always have an enjoyable time chatting with Maria.”

Becca G., Houston, Texas 2020
Alterations | Repairs

“Before my first meeting with Maria, I was looking for a change and looking forward to meeting with her. This was my first experience with an image consultant, I was not sure what to expect. During our meeting, I was taking everything in like a student in 1st grade, lol! After she left, I thought “Thank you God for placing a new Guardian Angel in my life”. I’m super excited and looking forward to my “new look” with her guidance!”

Eileen B., Houston, Texas 2020
Image Consulting | Personal Shopping

“I was referred to Maria by a friend. I saw (my friend) during the holidays and she looked amazing! I wanted to know where all of her beauty came from so Maria and I are at the beginning of MY transition. While trying on clothes, in my closet, she asked “Have you been wearing these?” Yes, I have. “Well they are too big for you.” Out came the pins and the beginning of my NEW wardrobe has begun. I’m looking forward to “Wearing the Fire” out of my new and improved garments as Maria and I continue to have FUN creating MY amazing inside and outside beauty. Maria has incredible talent with her needle & thread, however, it’s her BIG heart that pulls YOU all together.”

Cheryl K., Houston, Texas 2020
Image Consulting | Personal Shopping
Closet Organization | Wardrobe Consultation
Alterations | Repairs

“Maria is fabulous! She really knows exactly how to transform clothing that looks like it was made for you! She makes sure you wear the clothes instead of the clothes wearing you.”

Greer B., Bellaire, Texas 2020
Image Consulting | Personal Shopping
Alterations | Repairs

“Very satisfied with the Life Coaching services I received from Maria. I appreciate her timeliness and professional approach/responses to my Life Coaching session—truly opened my eyes to what was already there. I look forward to working with her again.”

Steve L., Houston, Texas 2020
Life Coaching | Seminars

“It’s never a good feeling to have another person make you feel ashamed of your body. After an embarrassing experience at another tailor that left me in tears, I was referred to Maria by a friend. After explaining to Maria what happened, she gave me the tightest hug and assured me that she could do the job right, without all the embarrassment. And she followed through on her word. She was open to my concerns and met with me several times until I felt that my dress fit perfectly. She explained her process to me to help me understand the alterations, and showed so much empathy and compassion toward me. She is truly a gem. Thank you, Maria!”

Erin S. Houston, Texas 2019
Alterations | Repairs

“I was referred to Maria by a friend and she did the most amazing job on a recent bridesmaid dress I needed altered. Not only was she easy to get ahold of and communicate with before my appointments, throughout the whole process she really listened to what I needed/wanted, provided thoughtful advice and was just a joy to work with. She was quick, well priced and provided a phenomenal result that I received countless complements on! I will definitely be visiting Maria again after such an enjoyable experience!”

Becca G., Houston, Texas 2019
Alterations | Repairs

Day One: Maria and I scheduled a time for her to come and start on the organization of my house. I was anxious and nervous and didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to get rid of tons of stuff or if I could even make a dent in the overwhelming task. We started in the dining room and went through everything covering the table. We would sort stuff to keep and stuff to donate. We used the downstairs bedroom as our sorting area. We were able to see the entire dining table once we were finished! We then moved to the downstairs bedroom. We sorted all of the stuff in the room and added to other piles that had been sorted. My anxiety turned into motivation and Maria was a constant support! I felt relieved and accomplished when we finished the first two rooms. We scheduled our next meeting for the following month.

Day Two: Maria and I decided to work on the kitchen dining area and the pantry. My kitchen area was a clutter of magazines and work stuff. We found a temporary place to store the magazines and I threw a lot of old paperwork away. I can now see the top of my kitchen table and there is room for people to sit and eat. This area has really bugged me for a while and I felt a huge sense of relief once we cleared it out. We then tackled the pantry which I had never even thought about organizing. We discussed what I wanted to store in the walk in pantry and how to store the items. We also cleared out about a million plastic bags. We will continue to work on this on our next visit. We are also using the upstairs office area to store items that don’t quite have a place. My house already seems so much more open and I’m feeling more relief each time we work together. Maria has been so supportive throughout this process!!”

Stacy S., Houston, Texas 2019
Home Organization | Interior Decorating

“I found Maria through a Facebook group that was focused on following through on your New Year’s resolutions. I finally cleaned out an upstairs area in my house and I posted about it in the Facebook group and she congratulated me on the task. I had heard about Maria before and that she was a personal organizer. I have lived in my house for 14 years but have never really made it my own. I have finally gotten to the point in my life where I want to get my house together. I reached out to Maria and we talked on the phone a couple of times. We then scheduled for her to come over and visit and discuss what we could do to make my house my home. I was anxious and nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. Maria talked with me and learned more about me and what I really want for my house. We then took a tour of my house and my anxiety lessened as my we continued to talk and discuss different ideas for each area in my house. We then discussed which area to tackle first and Maria said she would put a plan together for me. Maria has been extremely flexible and has made sure that this isn’t an overwhelming experience. We are starting on the first area of my house next week and I can’t wait!!”

Stacy S., Houston, Texas 2019
Home Organization | Interior Decorating

“There are not enough words for Maria. She never ceases to amaze me. I ordered my wedding dress online several sizes too big as I had just had a baby. My thought was it would be easier to take in than to add and I wasn’t sure how much weight I would lose before my May 11, 2019 wedding. My dress was not the most traditional wedding dress to start, and Maria initially told me that there was no way she would be able to alter my dress due to the type of fabric it was made with. Nevertheless, we bounced some ideas off of each other and Maria took on the challenge and excelled as she usually does. Maria worked fittings around my busy schedule with a 4ms. old and a 2nd grader. I picked my dress up today and fell in love with it all over again. Thank you Maria for all of your hard work and dedication to what you do!”

Amanda W., Deer Park, Texas 2019
Bridal Alterations | Wedding Gown Design

“I became a single dad with three young girls after going through a separation and divorce beginning in 2012. My work can be demanding and as my girls became more involved with sports and other activities, I let other things slide, especially the house. I was in survival mode. Fast forward to Christmas 2018 when someone close gave me the gift of having Maria come and help clear things out and organize our house. However, it was much more than that. Before she ever saw our house, we spoke on the phone a couple times as she wanted to hear about troubled areas and also learn about everyone in our family. Before she arrived, we already had several significant changes in mind. Shortly before she visited, she actually called because she was sensing stress on my end, which was completely accurate. I was overwhelmed, wondering how we could ever do everything in a week after years of accumulation. She put me at ease, saying we’d come up with a plan, do what we could, then she’d leave each of us “homework” to complete and, if necessary, she’d come back. She spent hours meeting with each of us individually and going through the home, asking questions about the history of our house as she was picking up on energy in certain areas. Once we got going, she was great about double checking on certain items and whether to donate them, throw them out, or where to put them. I was amazed at how much we covered, but also how she worked with each of us to come up with a plan that worked for all of us. By getting to know us and consulting with us, everyone bought into the plans. Our week with Maria has since passed and we all miss having her around, but she gave us notes to help stay on top of our homework assignments. The organization and “feel” of our home is much better and I’m confident when we finish our homework, the remaining “weight” of our previous situation will be lifted. Maria has a gift, and she truly was a gift for for our family.”

Dan K., Longmont, CO 2019
Home Organization | Interior Decorating
Life Coaching

“I am a Husband who wanted to give the gift of Image consulting/life coach to my wife. I searched several ads and got in touch with a couple of people and they just did not fit what I wanted to give my wife, then I got in touch with Maria! After talking with her for only a few minutes I knew I found what I was looking for. I believe there is some divine guidance involved in these things and this is where that guidance led me. So far Maria has been fantastic and I got some great points with my wife for a great gift! Thanks Maria.”

Shannon, H., Magnolia, TX 2019
Image Consulting | Personal Shopping
Life Coaching | Seminars

“I’m not sure that in a few short words I can adequately describe my respect, love and admiration for Maria… she has been like a mom, a sister, my BFF, and a trusted counselor for almost 30 years. We first met 30 years ago when I was a student at Rice University and she was looking for a babysitter for her two beautiful children. But our possibly unlikely friendship has held fast over the decades and I count her as one of the great blessings in my life.

Specifically, as it relates to her services, I think she and I have done it all! Maria helped prepare me for the professional world – until then I had never really known what a well fitting suit looked like – but I think I became known for being one of the best dressed women in the office, primarily because of the perfect fit she was able to create with my clothes, giving me a boost of confidence not only in my appearance, but my ability to perform and engage with people at all levels in the corporate hierarchy.

When I got married, Maria helped with my wedding dress selection and fittings, created the most beautiful dress for my flower girl and even repaired my dress on my wedding day after a week of illness and jitters left my perfectly fitted dress hanging by fabric that proved to be too delicate to support its weight from my shoulders.

The next chapter of my life brought two beautiful, long-awaited children that my husband and I adopted – along with a burning desire by us, our friends and our family to meet their every need through piles of books, learning materials, clothes, crafts, art supplies – you name it, we had it! Being a naturally disorganized person, I struggled with the weight of all the stuff… not just stuff, but memories, hopes, dreams… Maria is very special in that she sees who you are through your things, recognizes patterns in how you manage your day and life based on the flow and movement of materials through your home, and she devises solutions that help you capture those dreams, honor those goals and memories, in a way that is practical and effective for you.

After the passing of my husband, Maria helped me navigate the impossible task of managing the disposition of his belongings… what to keep, what to donate, to whom to sell… again in a way that respected his life and the memory of who he was to us.

Maria has helped me through various moves, counseled me through some of the most difficult and impactful life transitions and decisions… and will be with me again as I start a new chapter, in a new home, new location, new friends, new possibilities. I can’t thank her enough, or God for having the foresight only He is capable of, to perfectly connect our lives. If you get the opportunity to work with Maria… of course, I highly recommend her… time with her is a gift, she brings out the best in your home, your belongings, and most importantly you. Thank you Maria.”

Yolanda P., Houston, TX 2019
Image Consulting | Personal Shopping
Home Organization | Interior Decorating
Closet Organization | Wardrobe Consultation
Alterations | Repairs
Bridal Alterations
Life Coaching | Seminars

“I feel absolutely beautiful in my wedding dress and I couldn’t have done it without Maria’s expert skill and loving encouragement. My dress needed to be hemmed about 8 inches and had a very complicated hem. She did a wonderful job shortening the dress to my height and transferring the trim so it looked perfect. She also used lace from the trim to add fabric to the bust to give it a soft sweetheart neckline. I was nervous that it would be difficult to do such complex alterations to a heavily beaded dress, but I am so in love with the end results! I highly recommend Maria for all your bridal needs!”

Jocelyn L., Houston, TX 2019
Bridal Alterations

“I’ve used Maria previously for a bridesmaid dress and when my wedding came around I couldn’t think of a better person for my alterations. Maria had an amazing turn around time and affordable prices. She did all my alterations within a week and I only need one session. My dress looked fantastic and I felt like a princess on my wedding day! I can’t thank her enough for her beautiful work! She is truly amazing!”

Tracy P., Houston, TX 2018
Bridal Alterations

“Maria is amazing! She is innately intuitive and her sixth sense was right on. Within an hour of our meeting, she had connected dots that years of therapy had not. I am very much looking forward to our next meeting!”

Kat H., Magnolia, TX 2018
Life Coaching | Seminars

“Maria did an amazing job altering my bridesmaid dress. She took the time to get to know me and fixed the dress so it fit like a glove!! I have already referred her several times, will definitely be using her again in the near term! Thank you so much!!!”

Emily P., Houston, TX 2018

“I was looking for help with my wardrobe and image. As a musician it is necessary to have an adequate look. And I found Maria, she is excellent professional and a great person. I felt very comfortable talking to her and I found her view about my image quite thorough as well very concise. I will recommend her to anybody who is struggling to find a true look that is cohesive and appropriated to you, regardless of your profession.”

Alberto P., Houston, TX 2018
Image Consulting | Personal Shopping
Closet Organization | Wardrobe Consultation
Alterations | Repairs
Life Coaching | Seminars

“Maria is the absolute best. I have never had to have an alteration for a bridesmaid dress done before so of course I was very nervous and didn’t know where to start when looking for a professional! Maria, was kinda, and genuinely helpful when first talking to me after I was recommended her by a friend. She drove all the way from Houston to Nacogdoches to talk to me more and to fit my dress for me AND brought it back to me after she was done! It meant so much that she took so much time and care of me! The alternations were perfect! We have already arranged for her to alter another bridesmaid dress in the fall for me and once again her passion for helping and arranging to alter my dress is so appreciated! I can’t wait to wear these dresses in the fall for my friends weddings! Thank you Maria for being so amazing!”

Rachel N., Nacogdoches, TX 2018
Alterations | Repairs
Bridal Alterations

“I first met Maria several years ago. A friend suggested her when I was looking to schedule time with an image consultant as a gift for my wife, who had recently lost a lot of weight.. Maria took a lot of time working with my wife and helping her discover clothes that made her confident about her appearance. My wife had never been confident about choosing clothes or her appearance until now.

Since then my wife has made use of Maria’s expertise on a number of occasions as have both of our daughters…and even our son. A lot of our gently used clothing has made its way to AGC Boutique. Maria also advised my younger daughter on picking out her wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses for her upcoming wedding.

Maria completed her updating of our family by helping me pick out my “father of the bride” outfit for our daughter’s upcoming wedding. My family knows that I am VERY fashion resistant…but Maria was not deterred. When she saw pictures of my then-current jacket and pants her command was a succinct “meet me at Men’s Wearhouse on Saturday morning”. I was resistant to the idea of buying a suit but she and the salesman found something I couldn’t say no to. She was also full of ideas to make the jacket more versatile.

I can’t recommend Maria highly enough.”

Barry W., Houston, TX 2018
Image Consulting | Personal Shopping

“My daughter is getting married in September. Earlier this spring I spoke to Maria about helping me find a dress for the wedding. We spoke back and forth a few times. The second week of July, Maria did some scouting, and we met at JCPenney one evening. I tried on a few dresses, and in less than an hour, I had a beautiful dress, shoes and earrings for the wedding! I’ve been half-heartedly looking for a black jacket for a long time. I was just not sure what to look for. That night, Maria showed me a jacket she had found during her scouting trip, and while we were looking at that one, she also found a couple other great black jackets for me. I bought both of them! While we were shopping, Maria also found a couple of nice tops that I ended up buying as well. Maria knows what looks good on people and she makes me feel great in my new clothes. We ended up spending less than two hours in the store. I can’t recommend her highly enough!” Alice W., Houston, TX 2018
Image Consulting | Personal Shopping

“Maria was referred to me by a friend to help with alterations for a bridesmaid dress & a cocktail dress. The alterations were flawless, but I admit I was most impressed with the overall experience. Maria is very responsive, timely, upbeat and friendly. She takes pride in her work and she went above and beyond to offer me a few tips on accessories for my cocktail dress. I now want her advice on how to jazz up all of my outfits! I will definitely return to Maria with my future alterations needs and refer her to others.” Michelle A., Houston, TX 2018
Alterations | Repairs

“Once again, Maria has displayed her talent, and expertise – this time in helping me prepare my house for display. She looked at each room and told me what I needed to pack/store and how to show each room to advantage. Then she scheduled her time to actually do the majority of the packing while showing me how best to pack the rest! As I was in recovery mode from abdominal surgery and restricted to extremely light lifting and exercise, she was a life-saver! I cannot thank her enough for teaching me how to safely pack goods and also packing when I could not, and for sharing her artistic eye for a grand house display! Maria is a power-house of knowledge and energy; I count myself lucky to call her my friend.” Terry P., Houston, TX 2018
Home Organization | Interior Decorating

“I’m about to be bridesmaid for one of my best friends. We’d left the dress shopping fairly late (that’s an understatement – we’d got our dresses with about 5 weeks to go!). A friend of mine (whose opinion I trust) had said how wonderful Maria was, so I recommended her to the bride. The bride trusted me and I went ahead and set-up the appointment for the both of us. I have to say I was a bit nervous about how it would all go – especially given how short the timeline was! I also had no idea how complicated the bride’s dress was for alterations (it’s all in the lace). However, Maria did an OUTSTANDING job. Both dresses looked absolutely perfect – I have high standards and I was blown away. Mine now fits perfectly and Maria has given me great ideas about how I could shorten it to be a cocktail dress so it’s more usable after the wedding. The bride’s dress looks phenomenal. I honestly couldn’t believe how perfectly the dress had been shortened given the complex lace pattern – you cannot tell from looking at the lace edging.

One more thing – Maria is an absolute joy to work with. She’s honest and trustworthy and real. She cares about the job she does and is SUCH a warm-hearted woman. I’m so glad to know her and hope to have many occasions to work with her again. Thank you!” Susannah M., Houston, TX 2018
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“I was referred to Maria through a mutual friend of my Maid of Honor… And I’m so, so grateful that I was. I essentially was gifted not one, but two fairy godmothers. Maria and the lovely Ms. T who assists her in alterations are both incredible and so sweet and kind. The entire process of wedding dress shopping was overwhelming for me, but the the alterations process was a fairy tale. Maria clearly went to Hogwarts, and has some kind of sweet, kind magic that is hard to find these days. She was lovely and gracious and kind… And when my dress turned out to be four layers and one made, seamless piece of lace, she and Ms. T did the entire outer hem BY HAND. Or by magic, the jury is still out. They were incredibly kind, and their pricing is beyond fair. I can’t sing their praises or give enough thanks.” Jenny B., Houston, TX 2018
Bridal Alerations

“Maria is the absolute BEST in the industry. I was fortunate to stumble upon her in a Google search in 2009 when I was in need of bridal alterations and her detailed work with affordable pricing was only part of the experience. She has a heart of gold and we created a lasting friendship. Since then she has helped 5 friends of mine with their wedding alterations as well as ME as a return customer getting married a second time. I got a quote from David’s Bridal where I purchased my dress and Maria’s quote was again significantly less than theirs – plus, I trust her with anything! She and I just wanted to see what they would quote.

Her work on this dress with layers of lace, boning detail in the bodice, a cathedral length train needing a bustle was top notch. If any one thing doesn’t feel right, she will adjust it promptly and truly prioritizing each client based on need and date of the wedding to ensure there are no issues. I will continue to use Maria’s services as well as refer ALL of my friends to her (who also now refer their friends!). Thank you, Maria for always providing the best quality in alterations as well as a personal experience during this special occasion.” Rebecca T., Houston, TX 2018
Bridal Alterations

“Maria is FANTASTIC. She does amazing work and goes above and beyond to make sure you look perfect. She did my wedding dress and was VERY affordable. I loved working with her so much that she is now altering my rehearsal dinner and honeymoon dress. She is friendly and warm and knows what she is doing. I cannot recommend her enough!” Joy J., Houston, TX 2018
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Bridal Alterations

“Maria recently customized two dress shirts for me, essentially recreating the famous long pointed collar ‘Duke’ shirt, made famous from the 1930’s on, by such film stars as Douglas Fairbanks,Jr., Clark Gable, and George Raft. She did a fabulous job, and was prompt, affordable, and professionally executed. Well done, I am very pleased. Thank you” Stephen L., Houston, TX 2018
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“I love going shopping with Maria. She helped me find an amazing wedding dress for a steal. She helped me keep an open mind and I fell in love with a dress that I never would have picked for myself. She was also a huge help in narrowing down my bridesmaids dresses too. She also did wonderful alterations to my wedding dress by hand. The fixes are seamless and my dress fits and looks perfect.” Beatrice W., Bluffton, SC 2017
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“I met Maria during a Men’s social event. She was brought in to talk about fashion and then evaluated some of the guys in the group. I scheduled a consultation with her thinking that she would help get my wardrobe in better shape.
Instead of just buying clothes and shopping she has taken the time to get to know me. In a few hours with Maria she has developed a better understanding of who I am than friends I’ve known for 10+ years. By understanding WHO I am and some of the things that I’m going through in my life she is helping me understand things I need to do to be a happier person. The shopping and the clothes are just icing on the cake. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Maria!!” Michael M., Houston, TX 2017
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“Having Maria go through my wardrobe and critiquing everything for me was a very helpful and informative experience. Due to circumstances, I was unable to have Maria come inspect my closet at home, but she was able to accommodate me very well by me coming to her boutique with my clothes. Being able to learn from someone with knowledge like her really opened my eyes to the things I was doing right and as well as the things I was doing wrong fashion-wise. It’s a huge confidence boost being comfortable and feeling good with what I’m wearing and she has absolutely helped me accomplish that in the short time I have spent with her so far. She made me feel much better about myself and my style. I would recommend her services to anyone.” Carlos, D., Houston, TX 2017
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“Maria big thank you for meeting with me today and talking to me. I really appreciate your time. You are an angel. I went home feeling good and happy.” Mireille B., Houston, TX 2017
Life Coaching

“Well, I AM THAT birthday girl that received a consultation with Maria last month from my husband! He hit a home run on this gift. I called Maria and it was like talking to a dear friend. We both love so many of the same things, it was and is so easy to talk to her and get advice on the go! After a long & fun chat on the phone, I couldn’t wait for our 1st appointment.

I had already prepped with 2 piles of clothes: 1 for give away & 1 for resale. She pulled a couple of items out of the resale stack and said, “keep these.” I tried them on and I still liked them and they fit, so I did. Maria looked through my closet and colors and gave me some great suggestions on a few items to shop for so she could pull some outfits together to make casual ones and improve them to casual chic! So, hit the websites and went to some of my favorite stores and tried to find items on sale and did! I had so much fun shopping with her, even though she wasn’t with me! Let me explain. I can shop, try outfits on and send her photos of the outfits as I tried them and get her quick advice and thoughts! That was amazing!

Maria is showing me some new ways to combine my clothing and how to put colors together, things I had never thought of before. She is showing me what styles look best on me and telling me why. Absolutely love learning this and am feeling more and more confident about myself and my existing clothing is finding a new way to be worn! I love that about Maria! She likes to use what I have, alter it or use it in my wardrobe in a different, new way! I don’t have to go out and spend a fortune buying a new wardrobe.

She comes tomorrow for my closet visit and to as she says, “gut my closet.” Looking forward to that! My dresses, skirts, crop pants, ankle pants, jeans, tees, blouses, shrugs & cardigans will all reside in there in a new creative way. I believe I will be trying on some of the pulled together outfits and she will be showing me some new ways to finish out the summer and start the fall with the items I have. I can’t wait! Stay tuned for a 2nd review after we complete the fun day in my closet.” Tricia P., Katy, TX 2017
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“It’s an age-old question: “What shall I get wife for her birthday?” I engaged Maria as her birthday “gift,” with an initial appointment and a follow-on retainer. To say my wife was excited\happy is an understatement. The two of ’em spent time looking at wardrobe, closets, fit etc. When the smoke cleared, Maria felt like “part of the family.”

Maria brings a common-sense, stick-to-a-budget approach. Like all of us, she not only LOOKS for sales, she knows where they are…and advises her clients accordingly. If it looks good, fits, flatters, and compels confidence, who CARES where it came from!

Clearly one of the best gifts I could offer!” Dean P., Katy, Texas 2017
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“There are few things that are more stressful than moving. Planning and executing a move within 24 may sound impossible but Maria came to the rescue! She arranged the rental truck, storage facility, organized the packing process, and executed the move all within 24 hours! She meticulously organized all of my belongings so that in spite of the short notice, I wouldn’t have a storage facility filled with a sea of unrecognizable boxes and furniture. Maria took complete charge of the process from the moment she arrived, much to my relief. From directing the move to packing and organizing my belongings, she performed each task professionally and with a smile.

Prior to the move, I called Maria panicked after spilling fingernail polish on a very expensive, custom dining room table. Maria immediately located a local craftsman that repaired the table for considerably less money than I could’ve imagined. Most importantly, his work exceeded my expectations. In less than an hour, my table was in perfect condition!

I have complete confidence in Maria’s abilities and would recommend her to relieve the stress in any move, home repair, or organization project, Thank you Maria for all of your hard work!!” Alicia C., Houston, Texas 2017
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“Maria Cummings has a keen aesthetic sense that respects yet enhances her clients’ preferences. She has a good sense for people and relates well to all different types of personalities. She not only has the highest standards in design but she is practical as well.

My personal experience working with Maria was nothing short of wonderful! Maria is passionate about all aspects of her business. She responds fast, listens to what you have to say, and gets engaged. She believes that she is there to provide creative concepts and ideas geared to enhance your style of living whether it is casual, contemporary, transitional, formal, or a combination of styles.

Maria has completed various interior decorating projects for me. From the foyer, kitchen, and throughout my home, the outcome of the projects were creative, sumptuous, livable and elegant.
Maria spends a considerable amount of time understanding how someone lives and then takes charge, blending their thoughts and style into the finished product in a timely yet timeless way. Maria will always come up with ways to solve a problem or enhance your project.

Maria is also fabulous at knowing and accessing the finest resources— including local, cutting edge, master craftspeople– and her extensive relationships in the industry ensures those resources are available for your project. Years of experience are evident in every suggestion and every detail—she knows what will work best and how to get it done. She goes the extra mile to make sure all the details are thought through and superbly executed. Maria is also a fine business manager who makes sure projects are not neglected.

Working with Maria is a delight. She works hard on your behalf to control the uncontrollable and give you the perfect finish to such an important undertaking – making your home and office comfortable, livable, and beautiful. And with Maria, you can be sure that your project will be on time, on budget, and with a result you can be proud of.” Dr. G. Sandberg, Houston, Texas 2016/2017
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“I’ve known Maria for almost 30 years and I’ve always known her to have a “helping others” spirit. After reconnecting with her on Facebook, I was not surprised to hear about all her endeavors. She’s the type of person that could go years without seeing or talking to someone and when next they meet it would seem like yesterday.

Maria began helping me immediately; it started with picking out clothes to wear for job interviews, then opinions and advice on home remodeling projects and a maid to clean the house for showings. Finally, when the house sold and it was time to pack up, she arranged for a truck to come out and pick up all the furniture I wanted to donate, she even convinced them to take the mattress.

Selling a house and moving to another city is stressful; enough, and Maria took some of the stress off so I could focus on the important things. Now, if I could only find somebody like her in Austin to help me unpack and organize my things in this much smaller house, that would be fantastic!” Tom F., Houston, Texas 2016
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“What a blessing it was to meet and work with Maria. During a visit to my sister in Houston, she arranged a consult for me with Maria. Honestly, this type of thing was completely out of my comfort zone but I decided to go along with it because my sister couldn’t say enough good things about her interactions with Maria. In a matter of moments, Maria made me feel comfortable and that I was working with an old friend. We spent the better part of the day, finding styles and colors that I would be comfortable in (with my casual lifestyle) but look my best. There was no push to spend any more than I was comfortable with spending, although she presented my with many options.
I guess the best part of my experience was meeting Maria. She is a warm, caring, loving person who tries to make each of her clients feel their best.” Courtney H., Oak Hill, Virginia 2016
Image Consulting | Personal Shopping
Life Coaching | Seminars

“I had the opportunity to watch Maria work with some of her clients recently. Not as a personal shopper, but as a Life Coach which I feel is her true talent!

Maria helped this family through a major ordeal that spanned over 48+ hours. I truly believe something bad would have happened if Maria had not been there to help them through these trials!

I cannot say enough about the respect Maria has earned from me in respect to what she does for people…I will admit…I was skeptical when I was told that I would be working with the families life coach during this situation. But WOW…she helped them through what I would say was probably one of the toughest times this family has ever been through. Helping them to see what was really going on and helping them stay strong.

If you have an opportunity to work with Maria…do!!! She will make a difference in your life.

With much respect,
Raelene E.” Deweyville, Utah, 2016
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“I had previously worked with Maria on several occasions and found it to be a delightful experience. Maria is so knowledgeable, attentive to every detail, and just a joy to be in the company of. I had always wanted to give my sister the experience of working with Maria so when she visited from out-of-state, I arranged for her to meet and work with Maria. Maria introduced herself to my sister and performed the pre-session work via phone and when my sister arrived, she was ready to get started right away. My sister was introduced to some of her best colors and styles very quickly and walked away with some wonderful outfits and new ideas on how to improve her wardrobe. In addition, as a breast cancer survivor, she was introduced by Maria to a shop and salesperson who fitted her with properly-fitting bras for the first time! Maria is a kind and deeply caring soul who makes every effort to make sure a client is relaxed and is able to u se their wardrobe to enhance their best assets. She is also full of life wisdom and addresses each client as the unique individual each is. Maria is mindful of budget, too, and will always try to match the client with what they are comfortable with. If you work with Maria, you will not regret it – it will improve your life on a number of levels!” Susan P., Houston, Texas 2016

“My personal shopping trip with Maria was a total success. I tried on and purchased a dress that I would have walked right past while shopping on my own. The first time I wore the dress I received several compliments, including a young man in his twenties who walked across the produce aisle to tell me he really liked my dress.

Thanks Maria!” Ann D., Conroe, Texas 2016
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“I stumbled upon Maria at an event at her Amazing Grace Charities Resale Shop in Bellaire (AGC Boutique). There was a sign up sheet for classes on how to build a wardrobe and how to accessorize. I have lots of clothes, but don’t have many outfits. It was becoming overwhelming and I had sought personal shopping at some larger department stores and was turned on to nice pieces, but couldn’t maintain the look afterwards. I don’t have a lot of time (or patience) to try on clothes or surf the web for ideas. Maria was awesome! We met for a consultation and I began texting photos of what I was wearing to work or other events. When the time came for my closet organization I was so impressed. Maria had a compilation of my texted outfits and already knew what was working and what wasn’t. She sorted my clothes quickly and began generating ideas with my existing pieces and removing items I had struggled with but wasn’t sure why (wrong color, wrong fit). Maria provides constructive feedback in a kind and respectful manner. She is on your side! She didn’t try to change me, only improve me and respected my comfort zones and workplace dresscode. I am so happy to be learning how to dress for “forever”, not the latest trend (or just Monday – Friday!). It was a relief to learn that the individual pieces in my wardrobe provided a solid foundation, but the wardrobe was just lacking inspiration which Maria provided in abundance!! I am at the beginning of my journey but have complete faith in Maria and her straightforward approach! Maria encouraged me to experiment with my wardrobe and take chances (but she also set aside a “never will go wrong” section of my closet as a safety net). I am looking forward to continuing this journey!” Karen E., Bellaire, Texas 2016
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Closet Organization | Wardrobe Consultation

“I have never had much interest in fashion and clothes, and made every mistake under the sun. I never cared to spend much time on my looks. Finally I decided to take some positive action, and found Maria on the web. I was not expecting much, since years ago someone did the seasonal analysis for me (autumn, winter …), with minimal improvement. I also had used dressing-your-truth, which gave me many good ideas and a color scheme, but a lot was still missing. I was positively surprised by Maria. I found her to be a sharp looking, smart and compassionate lady, with lots of experience. Just what I was looking for. E.g. telling me that I had to start with my shoes, something I completely agreed with. I always had problems finding shoes. I started searching, and sent her pictures of what I could find, and she assisted me in a great way. I almost feel like I am on a new road, to freedom of worries about my looks. Thank you Maria, I love your skills a nd your great personality!” Anna K. N., Woodlands, Texas 2016
Image Consulting | Personal Shopping
Closet Organization | Wardrobe Consultation

“WOW! Maria is one little awesome go-getter. She really helped my clients completely clear out their family home. Not only did she do an amazing job, she was able to get the majority of the items to various important charities in need around the city. She does such a through job trying to find a home for everything that she possibly can, so that every bit can get a new life with someone in need.
I highly recommend Maria and her charity Amazing Grace Charities. They use the utmost care and finesse when dealing with clients and their belongings.
She really knows her stuff, and Amazing Grace does amazing work to help so many in the community.
I will continue using her services and suggesting my clients donate their items to Amazing Grace Charities, so that they can get into deserving hands.” Wendy R., Bellaire, Texas 2016

“Maria is amazing! She altered my wedding dress and even found an antique brooch from the 1920’s to go on the waist. She is very helpful and really listens to make sure that you have everything you want in the final product. Everything turned out beautifully and I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking alterations!” Alessandra J., Houston, Texas 2016
Bridal Alterations

“Maria is a goddess when it comes to helping out. Recently I was looking for a particular style of jacket and she came to the rescue.

I texted her and asked her for just guidance … she asked questions, proved, and gave me a comprehensive evaluation on what type of jacket would work for what I was trying to do. And more importantly where to get it.

Then when I went there, I shot her over some pics and she gave me the “no’s” and the final “yes”.

All this in a matter of minutes!! She’s amazing. I’ve recommended her before and she continues to outdo herself.” Luis I., Houston, Texas 2016
Image Consulting | Personal Shopping

“Returning home after a day of shopping I noticed that all I had purchased was five tops and zero “outfits”. I realized then that I desperately needed some help with my wardrobe. I found Transformations by Maria on the internet and decided I would finally ask for some fashion advice. I called Maria and set up an initial appointment.
At our first meeting, we discussed my lifestyle and what type of wardrobe I needed to fit my daily routine. Maria then showed me a few items that she had brought with her and discussed why my current “style” was not working for me and how to put some of my existing clothes together to make an outfit. It was exciting to see that small changes made a huge difference in the way I looked and felt.
After our first meeting, I feel confident that Maria will be able to help me build a wardrobe that will allow me to put forth a more professional look for work and a classier look for evenings out. I am looking forward to a closet makeover and getting started on a new wardrobe that will allow me to feel more confident in the way I look.” Ann D., Conroe, Texas 2016
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“Updating our 10 year old home had been a dream for us, and when it came to decorating and furnishing the interior, we looked to Maria for help.

We are ecstatic about the results she achieved. It is a true testament to her talent that our relatives, friends and guests who visit our renovated home are in awe of the transformation.

With Maria, we were part of the creative process. So not only is our interior design unique, it’s also uniquely us. We love the mountains, the ocean and natural colors. Maria did a wonderful job identifying our taste and style and incorporating that into the final vision. The end result is a masterful culmination of stone, color and texture… what she envisioned as a professional designer, and the look and feel we want in our home.

It was a pleasure to work with her. She is a great person and very comfortable to work with. She has a fine network of experienced craftsmen who follow her lead. She did a lot of the work herself and made it a positive, stress free experience. She was communicative, organized and professional.

Maria managed the project to stay on time. At one point when she had selected a shade of blue paint for our game room, we wanted to make sure it was the “right” blue. We may have slowed things down by wanting to test 3 other shades of blue and compare them in both day and evening light. We didn’t mind the delay because we wanted to get it right. Sure enough, the blue Maria chose was the best. We think she was relieved that we finally made the decision and she could get the project back on track!

Maria also managed the project to stay within budget and always looked for good value when making product recommendations. A project like this could be overwhelming, and Maria provided invaluable guidance and follow-through.

We enthusiastically recommend Maria for your interior design needs.” Shelley and Frances G.R., Houston, Texas 2016
Home Transformation and Organization

“Maria is a fantastic life coach! I called Maria to receive help with moving forward with my passion for fashion, and she herself answered the phone and immediately gave me great pointers! Now I feel even more confident in my upcoming career, and I give thanks to Maria!
Maria is truely a blessing from God!! :)” Briana C., Houston, Texas 2015
Life Coaching | Seminars

“Maria did the alterations on my wedding gown, and it looks absolutely flawless! Not only is she a master at her craft, but she is also one of the most warm-hearted and sincere people you will meet. You’ll leave her shop feeling wonderful and looking like a million bucks!” Jamie Z., Houston, Texas 2015
Bridal Alterations

“Maria’s services were well worth it for me. She first met with me to review the clothes in my closet, helping me to decide what looked good on me, and what did not. A few weeks later we went shopping together to complete my basic wardrobe.
Before I started with Maria I wasn’t sure what to wear together because I had a large color pallet and many different styles of clothing. I had to spend time coordinating the clothes in my closet to determine what to wear. Now that she helped me organize my closet and also obtain the right clothes, everything I have in my closet all works together! Because I have a shorter color pallet and the closet is more focused it is very easy to just pick some clothes out of the closet and wear them, and know they will match and look great together.
I’ve also used Instant Image with Maria – trying on shoes in the shoe store, and sending photos of the shoes to Maria to get her opinion as to which ones looked better on me. She has also emailed me suggestions on shoes and where to buy, also suggestions on pants and where to buy.
After using Maria’s services, I look 100% better. I feel more confident from head to toe. I continue to get compliments on my clothes, my shoes and my jewelry.
You won’t be disappointed if you try her services!” C.P., Houston, Texas 2015
Image Consulting | Personal Shopping
Closet Organization | Wardrobe Consultation

“I can’t thank Maria enough! Her vision for alternating my wedding dress was better than I could have imagined! I am so happy to have met and worked with her to get ready for my special day! I was referred by a close friend of mine and so happy I was.” Maria B., Houston, Texas 2015
Bridal Alterations

“Maria, thank you so much for guiding me in the right direction with my business – you’re so insightful! You are a wise and knowledgeable woman who knows about many businesses, yet you keep a caring friendship with your clients while staying true to yourself (all at the same time). I love your spirituality too! I’m grateful to have met you and appreciate every word you said, you’re a wonderful mentor. : )” Mio L., Houston, Texas 2015
Life Coaching | Seminars

“Wow, What a Blessing! When my roommate asked me to have the majority of my things packed & out of her garage by the end of May I was stressed out to the breaking point, overwhelmed to tears & and I did not know how I could possibly accomplish this momentous task. Maria came in ( She is an angel in disguise) She knew how to get the job done & now my roommate can stage her home to sell without having my stuff in her way. I can’t thank you enough for all your help Maria & I pray blessings over you and your business.” Marsha G., Houston, Texas 2015
Closet Organization | Wardrobe Consultation

“I was desperately trying to get my house organised for a furnished leasing. Maria came in for a few hours and I now feel
that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Everything is in its place, easy to find. Feeling ZEN!” Ann C., Houston, Texas 2015
Closet Organization | Wardrobe Consultation

“I was looking for an image consultant and came across Maria’s website. When I reviewed it, I thought that Maria would be the best person to help me. I contacted Maria and right away she contacted me back. I set up an appointment with her and starting sending her photos of myself in clothes for work and for weekend wear. In approx 1 week, she came to my home for the appointment and we started reviewing the photos together. I learned what looks good on me and what does not, which colors and fabrics look best, what style of jacket to wear, which type of shoes. She has started sending me photos of shoes and dresses that she believes would look good on me. I have set up another appointment with her to review all the clothes in my closet. This is fantastic- just what I was looking for!” Cora P., Houston, Texas 2015
Image Consulting | Personal Shopping

“I found you online as I was looking for someone to help me with my wardrobe needs. I found you to be delightful. I have learned quite a bit in our initial consultation and am looking forward to working together and looking my best.” Ori V., Houston, Texas 2015
Image Consulting | Personal Shopping

“I came to a point where I knew I needed professional help with my personal image and some fresh advice for clothing. I found Transformations By Maria on the internet and decided to give her a try. And I am glad I did! She has taken the time to get to know me personally and determine my goals in life, as well as attire. I have already learned invaluable tips for using the wardrobe I already have, and I am eager to complete a Personal Shopping session with her. She has a heart of a teacher, and I would gladly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn more about fashion and clothing.” Scott C., Conroe, Texas 2015
Image Consulting | Personal Shopping, Closet Organization | Wardrobe Consultation

“Maria, Kimber absolutely loves her new collar. Thank you so very much and as usual, the workmanship is superlative… I truly look forward to your next project. Thanks again, Bill.” Bill C., Houston, Texas 2015
Custom Design: Dog Collar, Image Consulting

“I met Maria in 2011. Since then not only has she completed many different alterations for me, including most recently my wedding gown, but she’s continually amazed me with her family-style customer service, her passion to empower confidence in her clients, and her ambition to provide for those in need in Houston. The quality of her work is always perfect, if not exceeding expectations. Maria takes a economical approach to all of her work too, which I have fully appreciated over the years. Using her experience and knowledge of fabrics, Maria does a cost analysis with you, to determine if your desired alterations are cost effective. I just love her prowess! She’s completely unique in the services she provides and I always get excited at the opportunity to catch up with her when I need to come get a piece of clothing altered. One month before my wedding I still had not found a veil. Maria is a buuuusssssy lady….nonetheless, when s he found out I was having a hard time finding a veil, she custom designed one for me!! Not only did she design and create the veil, she went out and found the fabric and lace for it, to completely release me from the stress. Seriously, I went home and took a bubble bath instead, per her consultation. Maria knows best and I truly admire her and all her dynamic layers. Thank you so much for all you do Maria!! Now, you go home and take a bubble bath …you deserve one every day!” Jennifer P., Houston, Texas 2014
Alterations | Repairs, Bridal Alterations

“My wife requested the assistance of “Transformations By Maria”, and it not only turned her life around, but mine also. My wife found a new level of self confidence in her self that radiated in not only her choice of clothing, but her overall appearance. At times I had to ask her, who was this woman in my house. She had a new found sexiness about her that almost made me feel like I was cheating when I stared at her, but then I realized that she was all mine. Anyone who feels like they have tried everything to find the new you and has tried every makeover technique they can find and still can’t seem to re-event themselves or tap into that new level of confidence, needs to trust me when I say “Transformation By Maria” can change your life.” Eric W., Houston, Texas 2014
Closet Organization | Wardrobe Consultation

“I have only just begun the process of transforming my wardrobe with Maria, but I am already feeling lighter, and optimistic that I can achieve a functional and beautiful wardrobe.

I decided to finally take the plunge and seek professional wardrobe help after finally acknowledging the fact that I never learned how to put together a nice outfit, and how to dress in a way that can come across as a natural expression of myself. My lack of know-how, combined with major career and lifestyle changes in the last year, really made it clear that I was just as lost as ever when it came to putting together an outfit. Every morning I knew I would have to budget at least 15-20 minutes trying to find something to wear, even though the end result was almost always the same: dissatisfaction and being completely under or over-dressed for nearly every occasion.

I have only done one phone interview with Maria, and one face-to-face meeting to get to know each other, and she has been amazing. She is really down-to-earth and fun to talk with.. I feel like she’s a friend who I’ve known forever. The time in-between was spent sending Maria a picture every morning before leaving my house to show her what I do/don’t like. This was a huge learning experience for me! The camera doesn’t lie (much anyways!). There were many mornings I would take one look at a picture and immediately go change (I just couldn’t send her a pic that was too frumpy!). It started to get me much more aware of what can be really wrong, and it gave Maria some insight into what I do/don’t like. I am meeting with Maria to go through my closet and begin the process and I am thrilled. I have already begun going through things and cleaning out the clutter is really freeing.

I know this is an investment in myself. This will not only help my career, but will help me to feel confident and beautiful on a daily basis. I am looking forward to learning to do things right regarding my fashion choices, and to feel like my external appearance is a true reflection of who I am.

I recommend this to anyone who has been considering it, and Maria is a very comfortable and kind presence. I didn’t feel self-concious when she started to look at my closet like I thought I would. I’m so excited and looking forward to having her here and go through everything and get a fresh start.” Jen M., Houston, Texas 2014
Image Consulting | Personal Shopping, Closet Organization | Wardrobe Consultation

“Went shopping with Maria and she hit it out of the park! Saved money but more importantly she gave me great advice on what colors/fabrics were right for me. Thank you Maria!” Chuck M., Cypress, Texas 2014
Image Consulting | Personal Shopping

“After spending just an hour with Maria, I knew she had by best interests at heart and would be able to help. She understands the now, sees the potential and has a way of gently nudging you towards that potential. Great for restoring my confidence!” Chuck M., Cypress, Texas 2014
Image Consulting | Personal Shopping, Life Coaching | Seminars

“I am a Christian Artist, a stay at home Mom, and a Bed and Breakfast business owner. Because I spend most of my time being a Wife, Mom, Musician, and Business owner, I tend to let certain areas of my life get out of control like for example, my closet.
It’s not that I don’t wish to have an organized closet full of the latest fashions etc.; in reality I just didn’t know how to do that much less keep it that way. Every day I that walked into that tiny little claustrophobic room I felt heavy, and confused about what to put together for an outfit.
Then I met Maria and the magic happened. She spent a couple of hours helping me sort clothing, reorganize outfits, not to mention teaching me some new fashion tricks. Instead of feeling heavy and confused, I now feel lighter and picking out clothing is quick and simple.
Thank you, Maria! I definitely recommend that you let Maria help you feel better in your closet and your clothes!” Christie C., Nacogdoches, Texas 2014
Closet Organization | Wardrobe Consultation

“Was referred to Maria by others who have worked with her. Maria has been very generous with her time. During our first phone call, she answered all my questions and helped me understand what to expect during our first
meeting. She takes care to understand the whole picture so that your clothes can be an extension of who you are and where you want to go. I am looking forward to working with Maria to understand how fashion can help project the person on the inside to the outside world.” Oren D., Houston, Texas, 2014
Image Consulting | Personal Shopping

“From the very first call, I had a connection with Maria. Never having used an image consultant, I was a bit nervous about what to expect. Maria spent our first meeting getting to get to know me personally and establishing a trusting relationship. Even my fashion conscious teen fell in love with her! I chose to make an investment with Maria to help me feel more confident and make an executive presence. Maria is definitely the person to take my wardrobe and style to the next level.” Robin P., Kingwood, Texas, 2014
Image Consulting | Personal Shopping

“I met Maria over the phone and found her to be an exceptional person with deep concern for her clients and their needs. Although she does not sell specialty items, she took it upon herself to find out where to buy the items I was looking for. Even though she has never met me, she wanted to help me find exactly what I was looking for. She made several calls on my behalf and located at least two options for me. She did all of this out of the goodness of her heart and because she is dedicated to what she does. It is very unusual for anyone today to help someone out all much less over the phone for no reason at all other than she truly cares about her callers and their unique concerns. I look forward to meeting her in person one day and wish her the very best.” Jeff S., West, Texas, 2014
Image Consulting | Personal Shopping

“I went shopping with Maria last Sunday for a new core wardrobe. She was able to pick me out new great clothes. At first she was picking me clothes that stretched my comfort zone, but after trying them on I felt really great in them. The next day at the grocery I got a compliment on one of my new shirts from the cashier. I look forward to continuing to wear the clothes she helped me pick!” – Adin G. Houston, Texas 2014
Image Consulting | Personal Shopping

“Maria transformed my closet from organized chaos to a true system. I was planning to purchase an expensive closet build-out, but after she “fixed” my closet I did not need to. She took all of my clothes and put them it into a smart system that works for me. I feel so much better and I am planning additional sessions with her. She is both fun and professional! I highly recommend her!!” – Michelle B. Houston, Texas 2013
Closet Organization | Wardrobe Consultation

“I picked recently up a few pairs of jeans that Maria altered for me. The jeans fit really well now. Maria also had several items of clothing that she thought I might like. I ended up buying most of them. That’s one of the great things about Maria–she keeps her eyes open for things I could use, especially because she knows I’m still a little uncertain about style. It’s not that she’s not teaching, but that I’m not getting it completely. I’ve sent her photos of clothes I’m considering, and she replies as soon as she can. She also answers my questions without making me feel dumb. She is utterly patient, helpful and loving.” – Alice W., Houston, Texas 2013
Image Consulting | Personal Shopping, Closet Organization | Wardrobe Consultation, Alterations | Repairs

“Shopping is not fun for me and picking out an outfit gives me a headache. I just don’t understand how people can coordinate different colors, materials and fabrics and look fabulous and my attempts at color coordination look hideous. So when I heard about Transformations by Maria I knew I needed to call her quickly. After our first conversation I felt as if I could look fabulous with colorful fabrics.

When we met in person for the first time, I felt so comfortable and she came ready to help me on my journey of transforming my attire. Little did I know she would ask me questions that would help me reveal things about myself that would transform me as a person.

The closet transformation is next and then shopping. I’m excited about this new journey and look forward to feeling and looking my best each day!” – Shirley W. Houston, Texas 2013
Image Consulting | Personal Shopping, Closet Organization | Wardrobe Consultation

“I was able to meet with Maria for the first time today. What I really liked about Maria was that she was not just about clothes, but how clothes it adds to the whole picture of my life. I previously did not have a framework of what clothes works for me and how to maintain my clothes, and she was able to give me the groundwork of what I should consider. Overall, I have had a great experience and really appreciate how she tailored her work to me. I look forward to continue working with her.” – Adin G. Houston, Texas 2013
Image Consulting | Personal Shopping

“I heard about Maria through a friend who highly recommended her. I’m sure glad I contacted her. Here is a review of my experience …

I had a brief initial phone call with Maria during which she walked me through the image consulting/shopping service process. We agreed to meet at my place in the evening to accommodate my work schedule for the initial consultation.

Maria arrived on time on the set date and we got right to it. She spent the time to get to know me personally to optimize her approach to best suit my needs and expectations. She was thorough in getting to know me personally including my hobbies, lifestyle, and workplace culture and dress code. She also assessed my closet to make sure her recommendations would complement what I already had. I also learned about color choices to match my complexion and fit to flatter my body type.

A couple weeks later we met for personal shopping. I usually dread shopping but it was actually fun! Maria got to the store ahead of me and already had a changing room ready and several items for me to try on. It was all so efficient; a store worker was standing by to change out sizes as needed. I was impressed with Maria’s suggestions; she struck a good balance between selecting items I was comfortable with and challenging me with new styles. Her focus was on fitment, material quality, color, and value.

Maria’s rates for personal shopping and image consulting were more than fair. She was sensitive to my budget and got discounts at both stores we visited. She even applied her personal shopping points to make sure I got the best possible prices. The money I saved on shoes and clothes made up for what I paid her!

One last thing I’d like to mention is that Maria took pictures of everything in my closet and of what we purchased. She explained that this way she could pull-up my wardrobe on her iPad during our next shopping trip or if she happens to see something I might like.

I highly recommend Maria!!” – Chris O., Houston, Texas 2013
Image Consulting | Personal Shopping

“Many love and appreciate Maria in so many ways in the good ole USA. However many also love her here were her roots originated in Canada. I am one of them. I have known Maria for many years now and have watched her evolve and grow in many directions and thrive no matter what she takes on next! She truly is an extraordinary woman!

She recently took a brief holiday to come home to Canada to visit family and loved ones. But I know better then that, for I know Maria is a woman that has more energy and drive then a dozen woman, and does not stop to relax for long. I saw her work continually while here. So always totally confident and amazed by her expertise I decided with a bit of coaxing too, that it was time to share my closet with her. My delay as I am sure many can relate to, is my embarrassment that it will be the worst she had seen!

Well, just I had suspected, it was an exhilarating experience!! Its hard to capture it all in words, and were to start. So this is my attempt… She is so in *her* space , comfortable and a natural in any ones closet , its amazing. She organized into sections, color schemes and gave it smooth flow. She showed me my *WOW* keeper clothes and my clothes that I suspected may have needed to retire. What I really , really appreciated was she gave me a whole new perspective on how to make an outfit out of pieces I would not of thought worked together. Shall I say, she got me to think more outside my conservative clothing box. Some pieces work with more then one function I learnt. Maria taught many things that day. So the closet I did not like much , well now I love it! She demonstrated what shades of colors worked for me and what did not. So I can shop appropriately now. Its really a wonderful experience to know what my * style* is now and what I want to wear in confidence to pursue my personality. I feel Maria actually gave my closet a personality of its own, an extension of me. As those who have experienced Maria’s expertise and experience , to have a closet that gives them joy, comfort , functionality, and unique to only them, is a beautiful thing! She is so down to earth, easy to communicate with, and constructive to work with any pieces of clothing you may have. Learning who you are and building on that , is her passion. Maria is unique, truly gifted and the a born natural for all her transformations.
Thank you Maria . We, in Canada love you too…” – Becky L., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada 2013
Closet Organization | Wardrobe Consultation

“After losing weight this year I really had very little to wear in my closet and knew I needed a new wardrobe.BUT I don’t overly like to shop; I don’t have much “spare” time; and I don’t even know where to shop. I googled ” I need a new wardrobe in Houston” and God must have been watching over me because Maria’s website came up! I emailed her and she came over for an interview. She came back to do a closet organization and brought a few things with her and VIOLA..I am a brand new me. She sorted through decades of clothing and with the addition of a new pair of shoes, 4 belts, some beautiful jewelry and four pairs of pants I now have a closet of wearable clothing. Today was my first day out as the new, improved me and the comments were inspiring. I wish Maria could have heard them all. And I never left the comfort of home!

She even came back at 930pm last night to being me a few more things as I have a business trip coming up. We will be getting back together in a couple of weeks to work on my core wardrobe. But I cannot tell you what a difference having Maria’s perspective in my closet was. She sorted the clothes by color and usage and showed me how to wear things differently.

Here is a confession…I bought my first pretty pair of shoes ever yesterday from Maria. I am the antithesis of Imelda Marcos; my husband owns more shoes than I do! But that is about to change as I now own 2 pairs of heels and just got a text from Maria that I have 5 pairs of shoes on hold at a store to go and check out. How incredible is that?

Here are the comments from today: From my grown son; Wow Mom you look awesome. From my employees; Wow Rebecca you look so skinny. From my grandson; Nana how you get so high.(translation..tall) From my husband of 34 years…you look like the woman I married. From friends at a board meeting this morning..Look at you! Love your shoes. No one has ever said they loved my shoes….nor have I heard skinny and my name in the same sentence!

I am having so much fun with Maria and learning so much from her. She is a great teacher; she has a great eye; she has so much knowledge; and better yet she will become your friend!

Thanks Maria! I am one “more than satisfied” client.” – Becky E., Houston, Texas 2013
Image Consulting | Personal Shopping, Closet Organization | Wardrobe Consultation

“I met Ms. Maria a few days ago as a 15th birthday present. At first, I wasn’t sure I needed something like a wardrobe consultant, but the more I thought about it, the more I loved the idea. I tend to rely on blue jeans, stylish tees and converse, and have a pretty limited knowledge of fashion (such as what materials or colors to mix), and I’m a little lost when it comes to “that doesn’t really match,” “how does it fit,” or “those shoes don’t really go with that shirt.” I really needed an alternative instead of the same day-to-day outfits.

We talked on the phone first, and I liked how Ms. Maria preferred to simply hear my voice before coming to talk with me. She was really nice and, not to sound cliché, but she really does cares about you. She works to bring the “real you” out into your clothes, instead of dressing up as someone else or covering up your natural talents and beauty. I felt a little embarrassed at my disorganized closet, but we sorted through everything and found what colors work best with my skin, hair and eyes. With my busy schedule, I need a wardrobe where I can walk in, grab clothes in a second, and walk right back out without having to worry much. She understood and helped me figure out what I need. I can’t say I’m a fan of shopping sprees, but I am absolutely looking forward to the shopping portion in September!” – Morgan F., Houston, Texas 2013
Image Consulting | Personal Shopping, Closet Organization

“My mom gave me a “gift card” to go shopping with Maria for my birthday this year. A few weeks ago I finally cashed in, though I was a little hesitant. I am a college athlete and wasn’t really convinced that an image consultant was something I needed, considering I have a fairly small budget and fashion just isn’t a top priority of mine. Though since it was a gift I really had no reason not to go and I am so glad I did. After my first conversation with her on the phone I was very optimistic about the whole experience; I could just sense that her outlook and reason for doing what she does comes from a really great place and knew this would be a good experience for me.

I don’t think I was a normal kind of client for her, being a college student, but she was able to relate to me really well and teach me a lot. After shopping with her I feel that I have a much clearer sense of what my style is, have learned simple ways to enhance my appearance through the color and the fit of clothes, and learned how to be a smarter shopper by knowing good quality. I definitely recommend the experience and really look forward to my relationship with her continuing, not only as an image consultant, but also as a kind of mentor.” – Samantha S., Richmond, Texas 2013
Image Consulting | Personal Shopping, Closet Organization

“I met Maria a couple of weeks ago at a social event and since the first time that I met her I was very impressed by her impeccable sense of style and fashion and her willingness of helping others like me to dress and feel better about themselves.

We met at my apartment last week and she was fantastic at letting me know what type of clothing I should be wearing for my body type and what colors best suit me.

Right from the moment when she entered my place, she filled the room with positivism and great energy. She is a wonderful human being inside and out and I am looking forward to continue working with her not only about fashion style but about life in general.” – Manuel P., Houston Texas 2013
Image Consulting | Personal Shopping, Closet Organization

“My main goal when I asked you for help was to learn color matching and couple of things to clarify about shoes and quality of fabric in my clothes. I think we discussed all of that, and I feel much more confident about the way I dress now.” – Dmitry, Houston Texas 2013
Life Coaching | Seminars, Image Consultation

“I met Maria through a mutual acquaintance who hosts a social group focusing on developing oneself inside and out. She came and gave a presentation on expressing yourself through fashion, and, after hearing what she had to say, I knew her consultation and mentoring was something I wanted to bring into my life. You see, she didn’t just talk about fashion because that wasn’t what she was all about. She stated that fashion and looking good was just an extension of ourselves and that you really need to feel great and be great deep within to look great. That was what stuck with me. She also had an amazing, positive energy about her. I knew she truly enjoyed helping people to find their true selves.

When I brought her in for the first meeting, I didn’t know what to expect. She first interviewed me asking a bunch of questions about my lifestyle, how I was raised, what I do…I mean it was all over the place. When the interview was over, she pretty much knew who I was inside and out in. She told me that deep down she knew I was a strong person and had the personality of a leader. It was shocking because I also knew that that part of me was there. It had been buried away for a long time and she wanted to help me bring that back out again. After meeting with her the first time and hearing all that she had to say, I knew I was on another pathway to success in my life and a huge transformation was in store for my future.” – Matt S., Houston Texas 2013
Life Coaching | Seminars, Image Consultation

“I texted Maria on Wednesday asking for help finding a cocktail dress to wear to my brother’s wedding. I was having no luck shopping on my own!

Thursday night Maria met me at a store in my neighborhood. She had selected 6 dresses for me to try. Two of them were so perfect and flattering – I bought both! Now I have new dresses for two upcoming weddings this summer! She also matched earrings for me, which I purchased. She showed me many shoe and bag options to create different looks. She approached the manager and worked out a coupon for my entire purchase!

This was so easy! We were in and out of the store in about 45 minutes. Thank you Maria for such a quick response and all of your help. I think we found a sexy dress in record time!” – Posted By: Rachel S.
Personal Shopping, Houston, TX 2013

“Maria came over and organized my closet Saturday, and it looks great! The important thing is that she helped me pull out the things that don’t work for me or that are too old or worn. My practicality has made me keep some things too long. It is a great relief to be able to let a lot of clothes go. Maria is doing a few alterations for me, and she’ll keep an eye out for a couple of things I could still use, but right now, I have a lot of versatile items in my closet. Maria is the best! I highly recommend her services, any and all of them!” – Posted By: Alice Wilson
Winner of GPS contest, Houston 2013

“My husband enlisted Maria to help me build a wardrobe. I never know what to buy, so I just don’t buy things. I have a very empty closet. When Maria came to my house, she was surprised at how empty my closet was. She began by getting rid of a few very unflattering things in the closet, altering items that were good but did not quite fit, and showing me new outfits to create with my existing clothing.

Now we are shopping! We are just beginning to build a wardrobe! Maria is focusing on buying core pieces in the most flattering colors for my skin tone. I showed up at the store to a dressing room full of clothing in my most flattering colors and styles, all in my size. Going into a dressing room and having more success than failure really helps with self-esteem. I normally HATE dressing rooms! I tried on pants last night that I would have never tried on before, and they were so flattering that I bought two pair. Also, because Maria shops sales and collects coupons, I spent much less money.

The lessons she is teaching me as we shop about my most flattering colors, styles, seams and fabrics are lessons that I will be able to use while shopping on my own in the future.

Maria is very professional. She values her clients time and is very knowledgeable. Best of all, she is fun and doesn’t take herself too seriously. Shopping has never been fun for me, but I have fun with Maria. She is upbeat and energetic.

I am excited to see how my wardrobe changes in the next few months!” – Posted By: Rachel S.

New Client Personal shopping closet organization, Houston, TX

“Maria recently started advising my partner so I saw first hand how my partner expanded her style and grew in confidence. Although my partner and I have different tastes, I knew I wanted Maria to “do it to me”. I just started my own process. After the initial consultation and assessment, Maria returned to create order in my closet. I did not expect the impact that would have on how I feel. The first step hurts a little – I told Maria it was like she was ripping off a bandage and exposing my hurts…Oh – yeah – Maria knows that truth hurts. Then comes the healing.

Although I observed my partner happy and wearing new clothes, I didn’t know to expect a tectonic shift on the inside. And this is before we’ve gone shopping for new items! I don’t know if this happens a lot, everyone is different and on their own path. I can say my senses are heightened, uncovered…unfrozen. I’m eagerly visualizing what to wear to work – stimulated by the opportunities with what I already have. And this is just the beginning! I’m ready to expand my own thinking…and I know as we fill in the gaps – it will all come together. This is the best investment I have ever made.

If you are reading this and have not already called Maria, DO IT NOW.”
Posted By: Shelley R
Life coaching, closet assessment, personal shopping, Houston 2013

“I recently had my second appointment with Maria, where we reviewed colors and organized my closet. I must say I am in LOVE with my new space. Before my appointment with Maria, my closet was chaos. I thought I had done well by getting rid of some clutter before Maria’s visit, but it wasn’t until afterwards that I truly could see how bad it was. My appointment was fantastic. Not only do I have a terrific closet that makes me feel like I’m walking into a personal boutique each day, but I learned a wealth of information from Maria along the way. She allowed me to try on clothes for her that I wasn’t sure about, talked me into keeping some things that I thought I needed to get rid of, and if I did need to part with something, she educated me on the reasons why. I feel like I know how to look at clothes when I try them on and know if they are right for my body, and what I need to stay away from. My closet is now grouped in to sections of clothing for work, weekend, and chic pieces to mix either way. I feel like I can put great outfits together so much better now and really see what’s in my closet instead of sticking to the old routine and boring outfits. My friends and family are already noticing a difference. This is by far the best decision ever and now I can’t wait to go shopping!!!”
Posted By: Amy P
Closet organization, personal style, Houston, TX 2013

“Maria helped me with my wedding dress fitting and I have to say – she is amazing! Everything went smoothly, even with the added difficultly that was at hand to alter the dress, and she finished the alterations quickly. She is very focused and will create a timeline for you at your initial fitting. Her attention to detail is exactly what I need in my life, because I am more of a ‘big picture’ kind of person and I sometimes lose track of the important small details.

My wedding dress was altered perfectly and I feel beautiful in it. Every time I am around Maria, I leave with such a happy feeling because my clothes fit wonderfully and she is a joy to be around. She is such an inspirational person with a beautiful view of the world and a passion for her work – I would never go to anyone else!

Maria is incredible at letting you know what styles best fit your body type, what types of clothing and accessories you should be wearing and what colors are best for you. During my wedding dress fitting, she even helped me determine details such as the length of my necklace and earrings, the style/height of my shoes and how I should wear my hair. I highly recommend her!”
Posted By: Kristin Z
Wedding and personal style, Houston, TX 2013

“What can I say. I feel good (like the song)! I thought a lot before calling Maria, as I am always mindful of the family budget. There I was once again in my closet, this time after work, trying to figure out what to wear for a date with my hubby. After trying on several things, I threw on a hoodie over some shirt, kept my baggy work pants and running shoes and once again I felt frumpy.

I finally called her. Right away she was teaching and I was soaking it up and beginning to feel more secure, more like myself. We went shopping and she quickly found stuff that fit! A few days later I was shopping and found a dress within 10 mins of stepping in the store, snapped a pic and sent it for her thoughts and she enthusiastically approved! I felt good and our adventure has just begun! Highly recommended!”
Posted By: Irma
Personal style and shopping, Houston 2013

“I was striving to update my style and someone very special in my life (Shelley) listened – she heard me. Shelley presented a gift to me – it was for Maria’s services. I scheduled my first consultation with Maria…I had doubts and fear as I did not know what to expect. The first connection was via phone and Maria provided me with a good idea of next steps, my fear and doubts subsided quickly. Maria is an image consultant, designer of clothing and custom jewelry, a life coach, a personal shopper/organizer, and so much more. My closet is now in order AND so am I ….it’s not just the closet, the experience is profound and personal to me, Bottom line, with Maria’s help I have unlocked and opened my true self image and inner self. Clarity and unlimited Potential! As I move forward on this journey, I celebrate each day to the fullest, I am open to set backs but will not turn back, and I share a contagious attitude and spirit. Thanks Maria for the inspiration, energy, confidence, goodness, guidance, life coaching, nurturing, and for embracing one within the universe with no judgement. On my way to ….complete….Thanks to you!”
Posted By: Frances
Image /style /closet life coaching personal shopping, Houston, TX 2013

“For a while it seems I have been going through life just existing and not really ever being happy or enjoying life. This year, I decided to do something about it and rather than wait for life to happen to me, I decided to find and create my own happiness. I recently got a promotion at work and one of my goals was to change the way I dress, so that I not only fit the part, but I look the part as well. I happened to hear about Maria by chance and thinking that I would never be able to do something like this for myself, I almost dismissed it as quickly as I found about her services. But with my happiness project for 2013 I decided to make the call. I’m so glad I did. I just had my first appointment with Maria, and I already feel a change starting within. I thought my home consultation would be advice on all the things I’m doing wrong and a lot of weeding out the closet needing to get rid of “everything”. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Maria is amazing! She is so warm, and personable and amazing to work with. Just on my first appointment she gave me great pointers and showed me how I can work with my existing wardrobe to build great looks. I am so happy I decided to invest in myself and make this call. I cannot wait to continue this journey!”
Posted By: Amy
Personal style Life Coaching, Houston, TX 2013

“Last year, I became aware I needed to replace some OLD clothes, but I needed some help and inspiration to figure out what I needed and what my look should be. I thought I should start with assessing what I have and what I needed to replace, so I looked for closet assessment/organization help on the internet, but that didn’t get me anywhere. Then, after a shopping trip to a boutique store with my daughter where the sales associates were so knowledgeable and so helpful, I decided I probably needed a personal shopper. I looked again to the internet, and that is where I found Transformations by Maria. I talked myself out of it because it was close to Christmas, and I didn’t want to spend a lot on myself. I figured I could wait until spring. I was still uncertain whether to do it. I had mentioned my wardrobe problems to my husband on more than one occasion and even mentioned Maria to him. Well, he surprised me at Christmas with a gift certificate for time with Maria!
I had my first meeting with her yesterday, and I’m so glad I’m doing this. She is very friendly and kind and really cares. She was encouraging, but also frank. She began by starting to get to know me, and I am getting to know her. I am looking forward to our next visit!”
Posted By: Alice
personal Shopper Gift certificate, Houston 2013

“I’ve just finalized my third meeting with Maria regarding my closet assessment and I am amazed by the way I am feeling today. Maria provided a clear vision of next steps after our initial meeting, however, I was still not sure where the journey would take me. The closet assessment was truly an eye opener with many life lessons learned during the discussion. Maria has given me a vote of confidence and helped me find my own inner voice. Maria is not just a designer and service, she is much more. She is a unique soul who radiates warmth, loyalty and commitment to her clients at all times. Maria is a true, well rounded Life Coach. Thank you Maria for your outstanding quality of work and guidance. You’re an inspiration to me! I look forward to our next meeting – I feel like I’ve known you for a lifetime.”
Posted By: Frances G.
Image style and Life coaching, Houston, Tx 2013

“Maria just overhauled my closet to prepare me for a new job that requires a more professional look. As always, she made me feel better about my own instincts, showing me where I’d gotten things right and building on that. I was shocked to learn that all I was really missing in my wardrobe were a few basic, core pieces. Can’t wait to start shopping for them with my newfound confidence. Thanks Maria!!! I love you!!”
Posted By: Peggy R.
Closet Assessment, Houston, TX

“I received a gift certificate for Maria’s services and was unsure of what to expect. I’ve just completed my initial assessment with her and she brought me a sense of fresh energy, renewal, and excitement. I am grateful for Maria’s sensitivity and awareness to my individual needs. I am in somewhat of a life transition and she brought forth a positive energy and a shift within me. I appreciate her expertise and guidance in many aspects of my life, much more than just fashion…She was very present during her time with me as a client. sharing her passion to help each person become all they can be. I look forward to a lasting relationship with Maria. I encourage others to reach out for this awesome experience.”
Posted By: Frances
received a gift card for birthday, Houston 2013

“Wow- Maria is all that I hoped for and more! I purchased gift certificates for a friend as a present for one of her “Big O” birthdays. I was looking for a personal shopper who could help my friend reclaim her confidence and style. Maria just completed her first interview/assessment and my friend is thrilled with the process so far. Maria is extremely supportive, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. She creates a safe environment to discuss difficult things and encourages you to move toward the positive side. My friend is already feeling better and she hasn’t even started shopping for anything new yet! Thanks Maria for being so open and delivering value to your clients.”
Posted By: Shelley R
bought gift card / for a dear friend, Houston 2013

“When I was browsing image consultant last month, Maria’s website stands out particularly because of the overwhelmingly positive feedbacks from her previous clients. I decided to give her a try, and the two and half hour spent with Maria proved those feedbacks. Prior to meeting her, she had me to take pictures of my current closet, as well as my body shot so that she will have a digital file in advance. As soon as we met at the store we plunged into shopping for the shirts that really fit me. I’m a guy and honestly I always see shopping as burdensome homework, but Maria changed my experience by making shopping personable and enjoyable. Can’t wait to start to wear those affordable, perfectly fit shirts!”
Posted By: Jesse

“Maria is fabulous! I was a little nervous while searching for someone to alter my wedding dress and Maria made me feel completely at ease. She is so comforting and puts her heart and soul into her work. I cannot wait to slip into my perfectly fitted dress on my big day!”
Posted By: Megan
bride 2013, Houston

I had my follow up in-home consultation with Maria. During our time, she helped me to “weed out” the pairs of pants that no longer fit me. I realized how having pants that fit in essential, basic colors creates a strong wardrobe foundation to build on.

We also sorted through tops and jackets/vests to identify some working outfits for work and play. She taught me some additional fashion tips such as how to use accessories to change up an outfit, using fashion piece to add “edge” to an outfit, the importance of having a black jacket, and how a shirt’s collar works similar to a necklace.

Maria not only offers great advice and knowledge about fashion and clothing, she helps you to get in touch with your own personal style and personality so that you can learn to express yourself outwardly through your clothes and accessories. Maria’s offers calm reassurance and an exciting energy that inspires your transformation process.”
Posted By: Deniece R.
psychotherapist, Texas 2013

“I actually found out about Maria when she altered by best-friend’s wedding dress. She did such a great job at such a reasonable price, that I got her contact information for my own personal use. I later contacted Maria about some alterations for some long formals that I had for several years. When we met, she actually took the time to discuss with me what I wanted, whether the alterations would accomplish what I wanted, and what would be the most cost effective. We ended up altering only one of the dresses and she helped me pick out two different dresses to purchase that would cost less than altering my other dresses.
I was so impressed with Maria, that I hired her for a personal closet consultation. During our first meeting she helped me to learn the importance of having a jean jacket to make other outfits versatile, that I needed to emphasize my waist, the importance of “panels” and texture in my clothes, and that my clothes needed to fit me better. We are scheduled for a follow up meeting and possible for some personal clothes shopping assistance as well.
Maria has really helped me in many areas with my use of fashion and clothing.”
Posted By: Deniece R.
2013, Houston, TX

“As a school teacher, back to school shopping is still an exciting time to me. After moving to Texas from New England this summer, I found myself overwhelmed with my closet even though I had cleared out a lot of items during my move. I didn’t want to start back to school shopping and buy more of the same old thing. While browsing yelp to look for new restaurants in Houston, I stumpled upon a review for Maria. I looked at her website and gave her a call. We spent the first meeting going over items in my closet and making a plan for the second meeting. I really enjoyed talking with Maria and she made me feel more confident in past fashion choices. I was relieved to see that I didn’t need to buy much to get the most out of my current wardrobe. At our second meeting, Maria helped me reorganize my walk-in closet so I could actually walk in it and find items. She also helped tailor some items for me and my husband. Since meeting Maria this summer, my husband and I have gone to her for all of our tailoring needs/fashion advice (she even had a connection that helped my husband get a HUGE wine stain out of an all-white Indian garment!). I recently texted Maria while in a dressing room debating a new dress that was a final sale and she wrote right back and helped me. Every time I work with Maria it is clear that she really loves and is amazing at her job. She is very easy and fun to work with and always going above what is expected. I look forward to the next time we work together!”
Posted By: Catherine
closet organization, alterations, shopping, and teaching me my personal style. , 2012 Houston

“I had pondered for some time (over 6 months) on whether or not to get help on how to be more stylish (GPS) especially for work because I felt like I always wore the same 10 outfits. I had contacted a few different people but after one conversation with Maria, I felt like we were old friends and decided to give her a try. During our first meeting she helped me reorganize my closet. She really opened my eyes to the diverse color spectrum I had in my closest and the fact that a majority of my clothes were weekend clothes (ex. golf shirts, university shirts, yoga pants/t-shirts, etc.). Once she left I was able to weed through quite a bit and get rid of some of the weekend clothes I never wear.

During our next visit we went through my broad color spectrum and she showed me which colors are the best for me as well as paired outfits together. I now feel I have a really good idea what colors/fabrics I need to buy, what’s missing in my closet and some great new outfit ideas. She’s also opened my eyes to the creativity that can come from everything I already own in my closet.

Thanks so much Maria and I look forward to our next step…ACCESSORIZING and SHOES!! ☺”
Posted By: Melissa Q.
Lead Advisor, Oil & Gas, Houston, TX 2012

“It was a pleasure working with Maria. Although her schedule was crazy and she had her own daughter’s wedding to attend to, she agreed to take me and my oversized wedding gown on. In fact she even finished my alterations before the promised date! She is an talented seamstress with exquisite taste. I would highly recommend her to all my friends.”
Posted By: Letty
Bridal, Houston/2012

“Maria is a talented tailor with a keen eye who does excellent work and is willing to take the extra step to make her clients happy. I brought her a suit that was the victim of poor tailoring, and instead of simply doing make-shift repairs, she brought them back to the store where I bought the suit (who also did the initial tailoring) and convinced them that they needed to give me a replacement suit at no charge. Maria also repaired a pair of suit pants for me and tailored the two new suits for me. And, on top of all that, her prices are extremely reasonable. I highly recommend Maria to anyone who needs tailoring or help finding that clothing that fits your body well.”
Posted By: Scott
Houston, Texas

“Thanks Maria, I thought I had made things simple and easy when it came to dressing. I was spending forty-five minutes to an hour dressing, with poor coordination. When you Maria, assessed my clothes, organized my closet and coached me on my wardrobe people immediately at the events and activities noticed my change and complimented me on my appearance. THANK YOU, also The four items you picked out for me which I used two over the weekend. One of the comments was that I “looked AWESOME but really AWESOME I had got a 100” an A on my clothing. The other comments were that they liked the style. I now just pick the color and it is a two to ten minute dress time. Thank you.”
Posted By: Isa C.
Landscape Designer., Houston 2012

“My wife found Maria and started working with her to help her with organizing her wardrobe and assisting her with general fashion assistance. I thought that it couldn’t be bad for someone other than me to give her a hand (women have so many more clothes than men) and it would save me the time. To my pleasant surprise, Maria not only spent an entire day doing this but also did some outstanding tailoring that we both needed, helped her with shopping for the gaps in her wardrobe and bought us some things that she thought we could use based on what she saw when she was here. She was very courteous and professional and from talking to her I could tell that Maria really cares about her customers. That’s something that I find to be rare these days; someone who provides a service but truly cares about the people she works with. We plan to be in touch with Maria for any of our fashion/wardrobe/clothing advice needs for as long as she’s willing to help!”
Posted By: Shil
Catherine’s husband, Houston, TX

“Dressing well is about far more than just wearing clothes – it’s about projecting a persona. Maria understands this and helped me find a wardrobe that makes me look better than I originally thought possible. After years of having a closet full of clothes that made me feel invisible, it is incredible having a closet full of clothes that make me feel attractive and confident. I highly recommend working with her!

Maria knew which pieces would flatter my figure and coloring before I even tried them on. Plus, before we even set foot inside a retail store, Maria took the time to listen to me and fully understand the vibrant, confident image that I wanted to project with my clothes. Not only did she select pieces that fit me better than anything else in my closet, but she also hunted down sales and affordable suppliers that let me build a wardrobe at a far more reasonable price than if I were deal-hunting on my own. Moreover, she helped me donate all my poorly fitting clothes to a charity where I know they will be put to good use. For someone who hates to throw anything away (even clothes that I hate wearing), this was a big plus.

Finally, Maria taught me how to shop for quality, flattering clothing on my own. She truly was a friend throughout this process. Normally shopping is a discouraging, frustrating process for me. Not only was it pleasant shopping with Maria (it’s amazing how good it feels to try on clothes that look fantastic), but I now feel confident in finding clothes for the future. Thank you so much Maria – I look forward to working with you in the future!”
Posted By: Lisa
New Client, 2012, Houston, TX

“Maria did an excellent job altering a bridesmaid dress for a wedding I was in a few months ago. She is now my go to person for all alterations!”
Posted By: Traci
Alterations, Houston 2012

“When shopping for my sister’s wedding, I found myself spending a fortune on dresses for all of the dinners and events that came along with the big day. One week prior to the ceremony, I found a dress for around $30 dollars that was a poor fit and had large padding inserts in the front. Naturally, I chose Transformations By Maria for my alterations and couldn’t have been happier with the result! No one would have EVER guessed the price of my dress and it fit and looked amazing after Maria’s work. She adjusted every part of dress and when I tried it on after the alterations, I felt the dress made custom made for my body. AMAZING! I would definitely recommend Transformations by Maria to anyone and will certainly be back!”
Posted By: Ally T
Custom alterations, Dallas, TX 2012

“Maria took me shopping after listening to all the things I HATE about shopping and finding clothes. She found me a WONDERFUL designer that makes affordable, beautiful, quality clothes – everything she picked for me was life-changing. She found me 3 work-appropriate dresses, a classy shrug that matches all three of them (and other items in my closet), AND, to top it all off, found me cute and practical wedges that I am now LIVING in – they go with everything!!!”
Posted By: Sarah C.
Personal shopping

“I enjoyed working with Maria. She helped me re-organize my closet, find new jewelry (her designs are beautiful), and perfectly altered half of my pants. I look forward to using her again in the future.”
Posted By: Aaryn
Gift card from husband!, Houston 2012

“I actually called Maria with the intention of asking how much it would possibly cost for prom dress alterations. Having called many other dress alteration places, I was expecting to be told to just come on over and the price would be figured out from there. Immediately after I told Maria that my dress fit from the bottom to the waist but the bust area was giving problems and simply wouldn’t fit, she asked me a series of questions, gave me advice, and asked me to e-mail or text her to further fix the problem. At this point I still felt a bit hopeless but I still texted a picture of myself in my dress with the zipper not fully cooperating. She called me back and after some more advice I finally got the zipper to zip. I only had a brief consultation with Maria, but in that small time period a nervous wreck calmed down and saved a lot of money. Nothing major but someone must be very dedicated and patient to take the time to help a complete stranger out with a little dilemma. Thank you so much!! :)”
Posted By: Sharon M.

“Called Maria for a price quote, I was in a panic state &she fixed everything by phone NO CHARGE, 2012
I am so thankful for Maria and her dedication to ensuring that I loved my wedding dress. I am so impressed with her work, her commitment to honoring my tight timeline, and patience as I perfected my dress. I had purchased a very expensive wedding dress from a boutique, but had chosen to not use the boutique’s recommended seamstress because of the very high expected quote for alterations. A friend recommended Maria to me as an extremely reasonably priced seamstress, who excels in wedding dresses, and also mentioned that she honors her deadlines. I needed my dress completed and perfect within a week and a half!! She did an AMAZING job and in such a fast timeframe, that I would recommend her to anyone that needs any sort of alterations. Between her pricing and talent, and ability to complete her work as promised, I hope that this post speaks to those seeking out a trustworthy seamstress with talent and dedication to her work.”
Posted By: Meagan G.
I’m getting married!!!, Houston 2012

“Words cannot express how thankful I was to find Maria! I absolutely love my wedding dress, but it consisted of 6 layers and needed a lot of work done (small details)-she was beyond helpful, patient, and has a great eye for details! I highly recommend her for any alterations:) I was referred by a friend, never seen any of Maria’s work but I knew she could get the job done, thanks soooo much Maria!”
Posted By: Jimetress
Richmond, TX 2012

“I found Maria when I was trying to soul search myself, I honestly was in the process of identifying every loop hole that has left me unsatisfied for years, and one of them is my own closet! Knowing Maria is a blessing for me that was waiting to happen. She helped me understand who I real am, why; I am uncomfortable wearing certain things in my own closet and all that. I had a closet full, but always struggled on what to wear. Almost everything didn’t feel right on me. Maria helped me to understand why. It seems like I kept buying wrong fabrics that didn’t suit me. I am looking forward for Maria to help me identify the right fabrics for me; Maria knows where to get quality feeling good clothes at a reasonable price. Now I feel like I would rather have few items that I can count on for a long time, I honestly don’t want to struggle on what to wear anymore; I am looking forward for a happy satisfied me!”
Posted By: Rey
Stop the buying mistakes, Houston 2012

“I really enjoyed my first meeting with Maria. She very quickly figured out my personality and lifestyle and I look forward to working with her to organize my closet and find new pieces.”
Posted By: Aaryn

“I enjoy working with Maria! She gives excellent advice about appropriate style, color, and fit for clothing. She is a perfectionist when it comes to alterations, and her prices are very reasonable. She is flexible and accommodating to her customers’ schedules. Best of all, Maria is caring and fun to work with!”
Posted By: Kim
Houston 2012

“Maria has an amazing eye for detail and can revamp any wardrobe. It’s a real gift what she is able to do. She has an innate ability to figure out what would look best on you for your body type and skin tone. She can sum up a person and highlight his/her best features.
We met for an interview. On our next visit, she had an eagle eye for clothing that enhanced my body type and had everything picked out. She instinctively knew what looked best on me. I tried on the items she selected and they were outstanding. Considering I hate shopping, she made it fun and enjoyable.
It was such a pleasure to work with her. I got some great outfits for the New Year and have received so many compliments on my new clothes.
Thank-you, Maria.”
Posted By: Lori
Client since December 2011

“I do not typically post testimonials however I feel compelled to share my wonderful experience.
If you are looking for a trustworthy, inexpensive and professional seamstress, Maria is your lady.
I was extremely nervous as I had an over-sized thick satin bridesmaid dress, shipped from Canada, which required alterations in a very short period of time. Not only did Maria complete the alterations within a week but the dress fit like a glove.
I’m exceptionally fussy when it comes to detail so I was thankful that Maria was the same!
My dress was perfection.”
Posted By: Leanne

“Maria is truly a miracle worker. She took my incredibly delicate, intricate wedding dress (two layers of lace, with taffeta satin etc.), and shrunk it to fit my body like a glove. It was incredible to see the transformation from the first time I put it on, when it was too large in the hips and bust, until the last fitting, when it slid over my body as if it were made for me. Maria DID make it for me, perfectly.

Second, I had bought a custom mantilla style wedding veil in Turkey, which was made a little too long for my taste. Maria was able to pick it up at the back and actually sew a section into the Turkish lace, as if it were made that way originally. Everyone commented on how beautiful and original the veil was; it was all thanks to Maria’s creativity that I had this special veil at the length I wanted.

Finally, Maria is a loving person and willing to accommodate whatever your needs are. I live in D.C. and she made special appointments for me around when I was in town on the weekends. Thank you, Maria!”
Posted By: Kaitlyn A.
Recently married in Houston, Washington, D.C.

“Working with Maria was a true pleasure. Maria had done such an amazing job on my sister’s bridal gown that I knew I had to go to her for my big day. I am so glad I did! Throughout the process, she listened to all my concerns and ideas. She then took all my random ideas and helped me create a total look by impeccably tailoring the dress and adding jewelry and a velvet sash. I am beyond thrilled.
Maria is a wonderful person and an outstanding tailor. I am so glad I was able to work with her!”
Posted By: Donna B.
Client since 2011

“I’ve worked with Maria as an image consultant and personal shopper. She is really good! She has helped me with everything from alterations to new clothing options I would have never considered on my own. She is a professional and will make you feel very comfortable in the process. I highly recommend her.”
Posted By: Steve

“Maria is amazing! She is not only a professional but a friend who helps and guides you to be the best you can be with considerations for your own taste and comfort.”
Posted By: Luis I.
2012, Houston, TX

“I wanted to take the time to write this review, because Maria has done an absolutely magnificent outstanding presentation and organization at the B’dazzled store. I would highly recommend her to any one for her professional skills in merchandising.

The store was stunning and inviting as well as made it easy to shop.

Way to go, your hard work and patience was very much appreciated.”
Posted By: Selena
2011, Houston, TX

“I was a bit desperate for help with making a change when I found Maria online, with wonderful testimonials from clients; I am delighted to add my own enthusiastic recommendation.

The office I have worked in for nearly 30 years is closing unexpectedly. The idea of getting back in the job market after so long is scary, not only am I older; I have gone to seed appearance wise. I needed a polished look. Given the intensity of closing a firm and on top of an already full schedule, I knew that I would have to do this in steps. I could not do a full closet/ wardrobe thing at this point. So I asked Maria if we could start with “baby-steps. Thankfully, she agreed. I took Maria some clothes for alterations (or to be tossed out, if she thought that would be best) and she interviewed me to learn who she was dealing with, priorities, values, etc. As I tried on clothes, she showed me what best flattered me, why, and what to look for. It was such a relief to realize that updating my look was not only do-able, but with her help, it will be fun! Maria’s expert alterations will make my choices look better and Maria will keep me from repeating expensive mistakes of the past. Maria’s goal (and mine) is not to mold me into a cookie-cutter corporate or aging Junior League type, but to help me re-tool and learn to look my best while being true to myself. The few pieces I’ve had time to acquire on my own following her guidelines have been a hit! I am so glad I found Maria and I can’t wait to get on with our plan!”
Posted By: Mary Ann
Was stuck in the mud…back on tract!, Houston

“When my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I told him I’ve always thought it would be fun to meet with an image consultant. I wasn’t so interested in fashion per se but more interested in someone who would offer advice on better expressing my personality though my wardrobe. I found Maria’s site and felt that her focus was just that. I was not disappointed! On her first visit, she takes lots of time to ask questions and get to know you. She is a delight to work with and surpassed my expectations. She is very supportive, hands-on all the way, always keeps a good value and your budget in mind. Her experience and eye are awesome and she hands out helpful tips constantly. At any age, it can be fun to learn to take care of and express yourself and Maria is a wonderful person to help you.”
Posted By: Susan P
Client since 2011, Cypress

“Maria was a pleasure to work with! When I contacted her to redesign her old website she was very decisive and told me exactly what she wanted and what she expected from me. Maria was great to work with because she jumped right in and guided me and made the execution of this website very easy for me. Maria made this website – I just pressed all the buttons!”
Posted By: Joel G.
Web Design, Montreal, Canada

“I have been thinking about contacting an image consultant for several years and was daunted by the “junior league” persona I felt most area consultants have. When I found Maria’s website earlier this year I just knew I had landed in the right spot. Maria is down to earth and takes time to get to know her clients and their needs. I was very happy with our initial meeting and just hope I can complete my homework assignments in a timely manner so we can move on to the next phase. I am very excited about the possibilities Maria presents and the fact that she is well-versed in many areas, not just make-overs.”
Posted By: Ruthlynn B.
Client Since 2011

“Maria repaired several areas of a beaded top that I wear in a group I perform with. These were brand-new tops, but after wearing it once, it was losing beads in several places. Since we plan to use these same tops for several years, I knew I needed repairs done quickly, preferably before the next performance. When I explained my situation to Maria, she arranged for me to bring the blouse in the next day (Tuesday), so she could have it ready for me to pick up on Thursday. In addition to the few places that I knew needed repair, she found several others, and did beautiful work repairing them all. She also gave me advice on taking care of the blouse. I am going to highly recommend her to everyone in my performing group if they need repairs. I was very impressed with her professionalism, expertise, and experience, and found her to be a delightful person to do business with.”
Posted By: Misty H.
Client Since 2011

“Maria altered my graduation dress 2 days before my graduation. I never had any doubt that it would look amazing when she was done. It was ready on time, and looked perfect. I threw it on, and no surprise it looked awesome and fir perfect. She fixed it exactly as I needed. Thank you!!”
Posted By: Micah
Client since 2011

“Maria literally saved my wedding! When I brought my dress to her it was an absolute disaster. She listened to my vision, took more than ample time to understand me, and brought my dream wedding dress to fruition. She is very honest, forthcoming, and empathetic. She put everything she had into the job and it really showed. She is truly amazing and I highly recommend her! My once-disaster dress is now a gorgeous couture gown. Thank you!!!!”
Posted By: Hannah E.
Client since 2011

“I went to Maria for my very important bridal alterations, and I could not have been happier! From the very beginning she was very friendly and easy to talk to. I didn’t need a lot done, but what she did is beautiful! It fits perfectly and when she noticed that the lining still needed adjusting she fixed it for free, without my having to say anything!! I cannot express how thankful I am for Maria’s help!! She is great!!”
Posted By: Kat
Client since 2011

“Today, after earning the title from the BBB the award of excellence for 2011, I wanted to thank all of you that are reading this. I love what I do and the fact that I’m able to be a part of your life is very important to me, as an owner. Thank you for your trust, loyalty and friendship. I hope you will continue to pass the word, so we may continue to grow. Thanks again.”
Posted By: Maria

“Maria was referred to me through a mutual acquaintance while she was here on a business trip. Her knowledge and professionalism in closet organization is outstanding. Just having recently moved, she took much needed, total control of the job at hand. Rescuing me from an extremely huge task, she got the job done quickly, and effectively. My closets are absolutely functional to the maximum as she has the knowledge to totally utilize every inch of space available. Honestly, Maria allowed me to experience home organization to a level I had never known existed! The time and knowledge she has invested in her field of expertise, has proved to be a blessing beyond words. Making make move and transition into my new home was much smoother then I’d ever imagined! Professional at all times, she also has the natural ability to quickly assess your personality, and your home needs, in a comfortable and friendly disposition, which I especially appreciate. Maria is incredible and I’m anxiously anticipating her return this summer. Promising to come again, she will work her magic on my ever growing and cluttered personal wardrobe and make it a beautiful space too.”
Posted By: Becky
Client since 2010

“Unbelievable person. Very dedicated, well organized, throws herself into each project, always gives 110% and more if necessary and most of all she takes each project very very seriously. May have to teach her to relax a little. She really is top notch and you will use her once and will look for reasons to use her again. Thanks again Maria.”
Posted By: Norm S

“Maria is a gem! She helped me go through a closet full of clothing, helping me to weed out all the ill-fitting, out-dated clothes and helped me with donating some of the outdated clothes to charity and taking others to be resold at the right season. Additionally, Maria spent time teaching me about what I should be looking for in my clothing as well as training me to keep my clothing well organized in the future. It was time (and money) VERY well spent!”
Posted By: Deborah
Client since 2010

“Maria is fabulous at her job. She did the alterations on my wedding dress and then on two bridesmaid dresses. She works quickly and is very accommodating, which is great for someone like me who waits until the last minute for everything. One of my bridesmaid dresses was terrible, but with simple alterations, she made it look great for my body type without changing it so much that the bride would be upset. She is also always conscious of cost and what she can do to keep the alterations reasonable. I thought I would have to pay an arm and a leg for my wedding dress alterations, but was surprised. And the dress turned out even more perfect than it already was when Maria worked her magic. I would trust Maria with any piece of clothing I own.”
Posted By: Ruth C

“I have known Maria for years, and she usually helps me with clothing selection and alterations. I had no idea she could help change my home, too! I had an influx of furniture, diverse family needs, and a small problem with disorganization. She worked at my home with me to create usable, efficient spaces with what we already had. She even shared her vision of what things I might keep my eye out for in the future. She was so kind, enthusiastic, and was completely dedicated to creating spaces that reflected me and my family… I would recommend her without reservation, and will continue to do so!!! My family and I are thankful for her time, energy, and thoughtfulness. Make an appointment today!”
Posted By: Laura C
Client since 2011

“Maria immediately got to know me and my lifestyle by asking questions. She then went right to work in my closet. We spent 4 hours together, and my closet now only has clothes that flatter me. I now understand the styles that work for me, those that don’t, and why certain outfits just didn’t feel quite right. She put together outfits that I didn’t know I had. The clothes I already have will work for a long time, based on her advice. I also now know what I should shop for. What a pleasure to work with her!”
Posted By: Dorie
Client since 2011

“I was less hesitant on calling Maria for advice after seeing her credentials and testimonial page. After talking with her, she is also accredited on the BBB for an A. Maria’s approach was so different from others I had tried. She started with an interview and organized a shift in plans that would work for me!! She tested me on different levels as If I was truly in a class 101. I came away from the two hours knowing so much and was truly thankful for our meeting. We are continuing on as I am learning so much. New Year, New Me!!! Thank you, Thank you.”
Posted By: Samantha E
Client since 2011, Woodlands

“I met Maria in October 1997. At that time, I weighed an unbelievable 270 lbs. She has always helped me choose clothing that was flattering on an unflattering barn-shaped body! Over the years, I have slimmed down to under 190 lbs., and all throughout the years, she has shown me what looks good on me to show off my new curves, and what doesn’t look good anymore, so I can remove these items from my closet. She has dressed me for Mary Kay’s annual Seminars in beaded gowns with accessories to look the most beautiful I can be! I trust her judgment and her eye for detail. She always makes me look skinnier than I am!!”
Posted By: Cindy F
Client since 1997

“I found Marias site from a Google search and just felt like she was the one to trust my wedding dress to. Maria squeezed me into her already hectic schedule and is willing to work around my own less than ideal time constraints. I am so appreciative that she is willing to use her time and skills on my wedding dress and I have the utmost confidence that my dress will be perfect!”
Posted By: Allison
Client since 2010

“Maria was a birthday present for my daughter, who lacked confidence in her style decisions. I was concerned about a consultant my age understanding 20’s style, but saw that she had helped teens before, and has children in their 20’s. It was not a problem. Maria got to know her, and gave a very personalized consult. I especially liked her approach to utilize what you have, make it work for you, rather than throw everything away and start over. Can’t afford that! Maria is energetic, upbeat, and full of great ideas.”
Posted By: Ellen R
Client since 2010

“I am 24 years old and since I graduated High School, I wasn’t sure how to transition from my rebel punky-rocky style to a more mature flattering female version of me. But throughout my life I’ve never really known a true girlish style. That’s where Maria comes in. I was psyched when I found out I would get the chance to finally know if my style was headed in the right direction. So when I met her, I thought she was very knowledgeable in the interview, also with my mom present as she wanted to know a few things too, and I felt confident that she was going to help me get through my awkward 20s. When it got time to check out my closet I knew that most of my clothes were going to have to go, but to my surprise the shopping I had done for myself really was on the right track. Although most of what I owned were just pieces of outfits and the hard part was putting things together. So I now have high hopes that I’ll be able to progress with my new fashion with her guidance and really get out in the world as I should be. I would DEFINITELY recommend Maria to anyone feeling a little out of the fashion loop!!!”
Posted By: Paula B
Client since 2010

“Maria’s work is great, She came to my home and the turn around was unbelievable, She is not just your average person. She is a true pro.”
Posted By: Marc S
Client since 2010

“My husband presented me with a gift certificate for an initial consultation with Maria, as a graduation present. Through many failed attempts to meet due to my very busy schedule, I finally sat down with Maria in late July. As we talked, I learned that Maria provided a service that was so much more than what to wear/not to wear. In just that initial meeting, Maria asked me questions and helped me start to re-discover the “me” beneath the roles I take on (i.e. wife, mother, daughter, girlfriend) and the clothes I wear. I learned so much from just that initial meeting. Maria was very positive and helped me to see simple changes that could be made to fit who I am and my lifestyle. She is about “transformation” and not about throwing everything out and starting from scratch. I liked that! I really enjoyed my initial meeting and can’t wait to work on my closet. It’s going to be a blast!”
Posted By: Carmen
Client since 2010

“Maria helped me see and understand things about my wardrobe that I never thought of. Simple things that make a difference in the way we look and what we present to others. We’re continuing to work together to put a comprehensive look and image that I want to convey. The best part is that Maria doesn’t try to change the person, but fits my lifestyle and goals to the wardrobe. I highly recommend her!!”
Posted By: Luis
Client since 2010

“I couldn’t imagine NOT going to Maria for my dress alterations. She is truly gifted at what she does, but she also really cares about the bride. I bought my dress off the rack for a steal and it hardly fit. Maria transformed it into one that fit me like a glove. She did work she didn’t think was possible because she knew this was my dream dress. When it ended up fitting in the end, Maria was brought to tears because she cared about me and knew I had my heart set on it. My wedding gown for me perfectly, and stayed that way for the entire night. I could breath and dance and had a blast! I will refer every bride I know to Maria because she is one of a kind.”
Posted By: Christina Farris
Client since 2010

“Maria is heaven sent. My wedding dress was ill fitting when I first brought it to Maria and she was able to tailor it to fit my body. And all in record time. She has been extremely professional through the whole process but the best thing is she your friend. She’s there for you for alterations and anything else you need! My bridesmaids are having their dresses hemmed now and they were taken aback by how friendly and knowledgeable Maria is. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! I will definitely be back.”
Posted By: Angelic Espinoza
Client since 2010

“Over the past 17 years, I have typically spent more money on children’s clothing than my own. As I live about 3 hours from Houston and have 2 teenagers, I only get to Houston about 4 times a year, for 2 days each visit with family and friends. Therefore, I typically don’t have a great deal of time to shop. When I was visiting my sister during the fall of 2008, she suggested that I contact Maria for advice on updating my wardrobe. I was very pleased that Maria could fit me into her schedule with very little advance notice. She met my sister and me at one clothing store where we did much of our shopping, and we also visited 3 other stores. At each site, she worked with the sales personnel and with me to pick out items that were work oriented, were flattering to my 5 foot average weight frame and blond/grey hair color, and were within my limited budget. We discussed fabrics as to type, weight, and seasonality, as well as color coordination and design. My current wardrobe primarily consisted of solid color pants, suits, sweaters, and skirts, with which I alternated various colorful shirts. Maria opened up a whole new world of possibilities of color, fabric types, and designs that coordinated with my original wardrobe. We had a great deal of fun and selected multiple items (on sale) within a 3 hour time span.
Maria wrote down various items that I would probably need within the next year, and noted the sizes/measurements that would work. For the next 12 months, Maria looked for items on sale, both in town and on the internet, to fulfill the wardrobe items that we had discussed. Whenever I would come to town, she would have items ready for me to review. Therefore, during each visit, she would work me into her schedule for an hour or two to try on and select any items that we both felt were suitable for me.
During my 2009 winter visit, I took all the clothes from my closet to my sister’s house, where Maria met with me to analyze my total wardrobe. Often in the past, I had bought items that I really liked, but some small area would need additional tailoring (due to my height and weight,) that I would plan on doing at a later date. As a result, I had several items in my closet that I had never worn! In addition to updating and coordinating my wardrobe with current styles, Maria also tailored any new items, as well as my original wardrobe items, so that I actually could wear all the clothes in my closet! If the tailoring might cost more than the item was worth in wear, Maria would identify those items, and I would decide how much I really needed that item. Sometimes we scrapped the clothing item, and sometimes I really wanted to wear it, so Maria would go ahead and modify it.
In addition, she is now shopping for and with my 2 teenager daughters. In our town, there is not a large selection for teenagers. With Maria’s insight into current styles & into my daughters’ personal preferences and high school / college preparation needs, we have had some very enjoyable and productive shopping trips to find both party clothing & shoes, and also professional-looking clothing & shoes for interviews and meetings.
I have truly enjoyed having Maria’s expertise in updating my personal style in clothing (which previously hadn’t changed much since 1980) and having her guidance to stores in the Houston area for shopping recommendations. Her willingness to meet within my limited time schedule when I visit Houston is very much appreciated. I don’t like to waste time shopping, as I like to buy what I need and finish shopping quickly. With Maria’s advance research, that is exactly what has occurred since 2008!”
Posted By: Nancy
Client since 2008

“I am 17, and a senior in high school, and Maria was a tremendous help to me as I started to build a more professional wardrobe for myself. Before I had her guidance, I was lucky to find a nice button-down in my closet that I could throw on with a pair of jeans, or perhaps a dress that hopefully matched one of the two pairs of shoes that I could remotely call formal. With all the credit going to Maria, I now have a core set of clothing that could do in a pinch for a variety of settings, from college and job interviews to awards ceremonies to other less formal occasions. I am particularly pleased with the slacks that she found for me, as they are the first pair I have had that I feel confident in, especially after she altered them for me to fit my height and returned them to me with all haste. I recently attended an awards ceremony at a school board meeting, and afterwards, the head counselor at my high school pulled me aside and told me that, when I first walked in, her thought was that I looked ready for college. I was wearing an outfit that Maria had put together for me, and I have to say it felt good, especially since I had to make an unexpected speech in front of the school board that night, and I am not known as an extrovert. I would like to thank Maria for helping me find clothes that reflect my style and, at the same time, that look professional and fit to perfection, thanks to her measured alterations that were necessary on some of the pieces. Last but not least, I live three hours away from Houston and only come down occasionally to visit relatives. Maria was able to fit her schedule around mine, so that when I visited my family, she was there at the ready to take me to the exact places that had what I was looking for clothing-wise, so that neither she nor I lost time. I recommend Maria to anyone that is a little lost when it comes to their closets, whether they are trying to find the perfect outfit for a special occasion or trying to find special outfits that are perfect for any number of occasions. Thank you.”
Posted By: Dani Miller
Client since 2009

“Maria has been doing alterations and design work for me since 2001. Her creativity is unique and daring yet chic at the same time. When wearing a Maria creation…I turn heads. Everyone wants to know where I purchased the item. I have often said that “Maria was born with a needle and thread in her mouth.” I have seen her recreations of the most undesirable dress or wedding gown and turn it into a magical piece of art. Whether it is ladies couture or bridal gowns…Maria is the best? She is a perfectionist by every definition of the word when it comes to clothing design or alterations. Maria helps her clients to choose clothing with flattering color and fit that expresses the client’s personal style. Maria has also provided valuable resources of instruction and support regarding personal image and self-esteem enhance which is vital for my store. Maria and the services she provides plays a very important role in the success of my consignment/resale boutique B’Dazzled.”
Posted By: Debbie Damon
Client since 2001

“Due to her sense of style, ability to coordinate and creativeness she did an awesome job of selling our products. The proof of her success was the loyalty she developed with her clients and their repeat business.”
Posted By: Roz Suchart

“Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother really does exist, and her name is Maria Cummings! She made outfits magically appear in my closet. Since I had too much history with my wardrobe, I couldn’t “see” it, but Maria saw it with a fresh eye, and puff! My wardrobe changed! She put items together that I never thought to combine, and it’s like I have a whole new wardrobe. If you don’t believe in angels, you will for sure after meeting Maria. I was worried, but she put me at complete ease.

Word of Advice to the Timid: Think of it as a necessary gift to yourself. Don’t wait so long like I did before you call. I could have been looking good and feeling confident sooner, but I made the mistake of procrastinating for almost 2 stupid years for fearing that my closet and wardrobe were far too scary for an image consultant. I was too busy, and it was too easy to stick my head in the sand and run from my mirror! All I did was waste time. Now I know that an image consultant is like a doctor, they’ve seen it all. And she has! Ave Maria!”
Posted By: M. Rutherford
Client since 2009

“Maria has helped me in so many ways! She altered my wedding gown to fit perfectly. She helped me organize my living room and bedroom when my husband and I moved into our first home. Combining our households was no easy task! She also helped me turn the clothes I no longer wore into cash! She is so easy (and fun!) to work with and she does an amazing job! The best part is that she is affordable! Thanks, Maria!!!”
Posted By: Cory Galik
Client since 2009

“I called desperate to know where to look for appropriate mother of the groom dresses for an outdoor wedding. Maria took me through an inventory of what I had, what I felt comfortable in, what I could afford. She then went to her fantastic sources and showed up with three outfits including accessories all of which fit and looked chic. I bought them all and then asked her to help organize my closet. In just a few hours we had weeded out the clothing to be given away and sorted the rest to work, after five, and leisure but snappy. For the first time I don’t dread going to my closet every morning. Love it and Maria.”
Posted By: Margit Winstrom, M.D.
Client since 2009

“Maria – Thank you, Thank You, Thank You…..I’m a procrastinator and have been meaning to “organize” my closet for months. Needless to say it never got done. One day my neighbor called me to say she was meeting with a fashion designer (Maria) to help her organize her closet and offer fashion advice. I met with Maria soon after that and have never looked back. I can honestly say I would refer Maria to anyone without a second thought. She was efficient, professional, very easy to work with and affordable. She went through my entire closet piece by piece (in a very short time) and gave me advice on how to wear different pieces of clothing. I now have a completely organized closet where I can just walk in and my eye is drawn to exactly what I am looking for. I also have a better idea on how to “wear” clothes. Thank you again Maria. PS – The coffee pot is always on for you.”
Posted By: Fiona
Client since 2010

“Maria, you were magnificent! My sister loved the work you did on her bridesmaid gown and my wedding gown was absolutely fabulous. We adore you and the work you do and cannot wait to work with you again! (p.s. when we have photos we will send some to you.) Thank you a million times over!”
Posted By: Kirbie Clark
Client since 2009

“I met with Maria in October to discuss alterations because all the other shops had quoted similar work for $700-900! I was in sticker shock! Thankfully, Maria came to the rescue and was able to completely fit the silk “mermaid” style gown to my body (taken in at the bust and hips) and creatively fashion a French bustle at a reasonable price. The bustle looks amazing when I twirl, and basically, Maria did my entire alteration for what the bustle would have cost at the other places!! Maria does excellent work, is very professional and I would recommend any other brides!”
Posted By: Mary Lee
Client since 2009

“Maria did a wonderful alteration! I looked beautiful and felt wonderful on my wedding day! I was doing most of the wedding myself (my Mother was not involved) so Maria helped me figure out what kind of alterations I needed (she actually saved me money since I just wore high heels and did not need to hem the dress), what accessories, and general wedding help. It was a pleasure to work with her as she was always early and in a great mood! I would definitely recommend Maria to my friends and may use her for special occasions in the future!”
Posted By: Juli Howe
Client since 2009

“Maria captured my attention with our initial conversation in March. She spent 30 minutes on the phone with me reviewing details and ideas about my dress and I knew then I had found the one. Maria is very meticulous and detail oriented, she absolutely will amaze you with her knowledge of designing. She explained every type of stitch and cut she would use and why it needed to be done that way. She really takes the time to make sure the alterations are exactly what you want and to make sure you understand how she’s going to do it. The follow up appointments were equally as valuable. She never rushed me through them and ensure that I was satisfied with every detail of the dress. I can not rave enough about Maria and her work. I am so thankful I found this site and was able to read other reviews about her. She is worth every dollar and then some for her work, and I will definitely be using her services whenever I need them in the future. Maria, thank you again for everything you did for me. You’re such a beautiful person, and it was a pleasure to work with you!”
Posted By: Rebecca Brittain
Client since 2009

“I can not sing Maria’s praises enough. I bought a beaded gown and she shortened it in a weeks time. I have never had anyone turn around an alteration so quickly and she did it by hand. Maria also made some suggestions to further make my gown look better on my body. Maria spent quite a bit of time with me explaining what would work well on me, advised me on hair and jewelry. She took the time to purchase some jewelry for my outfit that turned out stunning. I received so many compliments on my outfit and jewelry this week at my gala event. I am not a big shopper so I would never of purchased the extras to really make my outfit. I will continue to use Maria in the future and seek her guidance on my dressing and accessorizing of my outfits. My hat goes off to her and look forward to a long working relationship with her.”
Posted By: Shelly Thomas
Client since 2009

“Maria is an angel! She has been such a blessing in my life and will always have a special place in my heart. She took my bridal dress that was several sizes too large, and pieced it back together – it was an extremely complicated and detailed job. She made me feel like a model when it was done. I have not taken my alterations anywhere else since. She is a beautiful, inside and out!”
Posted By: Rosemarie
Client since 2009

“Maria has ended my procrastination with having alterations done. She has an impeccable eye for detail, extensive knowledge of clothing and materials, and an overall talent for design. Maria altered the bust line, waistline, and arm lengths on several of my suits. She maintained the symmetry and original look of each piece while adding that tailored touch. As icing on the cake, she provided excellent customer service and her prices are very reasonable. Thank you, Maria!”
Posted By: Angelique Cootz
Client since 2009

“Maria recently gave a group presentation for myself and members of or local Garden Club. All of the women in our group where very interested in learning her tips about fashion and how to begin to create a image all your own using key items in your current wardrobe. She also discussed ways to have clothing altered to fit, so they look great on you. She did a wonderful job. I Heard many of the women say “I wish she could have stayed longer.” Thank you Maria!”
Posted By: Debbie Bartlett
Client since 2009

“Maria used to be perfect — that’s when she made custom clothes. Dom mage, no more, but that’s life. Now she does everything else. Comes to your house, and with her sophisticated knowledge can visualize alterations that seem magical and always turn out perfectly. She is honest if something is not right for you, and lets you know it nicely. Her ability to take what you have in your closet and give you a new wardrobe is astonishing. And she has become a close, wonderful friend over the years of working with her. Doesn’t get better than this!”
Posted By: Marta
Client since the 1980’s

“My daughter and I met Maria today for the first time and she’s an AMAZING woman! She took the time to assist my daughter with her Prom dress. My daughter wasn’t sure what to do but after an hour talking with Maria she understood a whole new level of fashion and I’m so thankful we met her. Maria has an eye for fashion and she’s so good with people. I felt like I’ve known her for a long time and she has a wonderful heart–she truly is a great person. If you ever feel uncertainty about your wardrobe or not sure about fashion, call Maria. Thank you so much Maria!”
Posted By: Cappy Romero
Client since 2009

“I attended a workshop where Maria was the guest speaker and what a pleasure it was! We all enjoyed her insightful information and great personality. She has to be one of the best speakers we have ever had. Thanks Maria for all your great tips.”
Posted By: Babette Switzer
Client since 2009

“I normally do not write online about anything. However, I thought my story might help another in the same boat. I had just sent the last child off to college when I lost my job. My source of clothing, the kid’s castoff polo’s and kaki pants/blue suit jacket, was no longer available; I had gained some weight, my interview outfit did not fit, and I was in a serious funk. In a rather odd move, I decided to get rid of all my work clothing I’d been saving since pre-children and, in the process of finding a place, read about Maria’s work online. I sent her a very tentative e-mail after a few days spent gathering my courage. I needed help. I hate shopping and had no idea where I could find classy, comfortable, and reasonably priced clothing. And I was REALLY unhappy about my extra pounds. I knew I needed help, but was truly terrified of costs (jobless, remember?). Maria called me back and asked to meet with me. I was very uncertain about the whole thing, but decided to risk her laughing at me. Not only did she not laugh, she reassured me that I was not the first, nor would I be the last, person is such straits. Maria went out, found clothes that she thought would work, and asked me to meet her for 2 hours. I did, and came back completely impressed. The clothes worked for me, fit well (and if it didn’t, Maria tailored it – the woman’s amazing!), and was within my budget. Maria took the time to educate me on the fabric wrinkle test for quality cloth, drape of cloth, seaming, etc. She looked at items I found online and showed me what to look for when shopping online. She then took me to jewelry warehouses and showed me what worked, what didn’t, and why. Maria did not try to make me fit the clothing, nor did she change my style and comfort zone. She simply met me, figured out what I would most likely need and like, and went from there. I found a new job and a new pride in myself (although I’m still working on losing those pesky pounds!) I have updated my wardrobe seasonally now twice (winter ’08, spring ’09) with Ma! And even my children have noticed a change. My advice to you if you made it though all this: Don’t wait until you are desperate! There is help and Maria is it! And your budget will not be blown. I have recommended her to my sister in Temple, TX, and assorted friends and no one has been disappointed.”
Posted By: Terry Pinkston
Client since 2008

“I attended a workshop presented by Maria for our local home and garden club and didn’t want it to end. Maria gave an enthused and interesting presentation on many different aspects of wardrobe, hair, make up, and feeling good about yourself. Once my home renovation is completed and my closet is all in one place, I will be hinting to my husband to arrange for a personal consultation as a birthday gift. I think Maria would be great to work with. I understood her points of view and am looking forward to seeing her again if my husband gets the hint! I would definitely recommend Maria for workshops for neighborhood groups as well as professional women throughout the area.”
Thanks, Cathleen Otto (Cathy)
Client since 2009

“I recently lost weight and had TWO overstuffed closets with a mixture of tired clothes, clothes that didn’t fit anymore, and clothes that finally fit again. Maria and I went through both closets, piece by piece, and decided what needed to be donated and what was worth alterations. I was also so excited to see how great I looked in clothes I haven’t been able to wear in years! We restructured my main closet so that my two closets fit into one — a feat in itself! My closets were so packed before Maria walked into my home that I had piles of clean clothes around my room — because I didn’t have the time to fight with my closet to get them hung up. Thank you SO much. There is a change in my confidence and style now that I know that whatever I put on looks good and fits great. You are the best!!”
Posted By: Sarah Gabriella
Client since 2009

“Maria was professional and easy to work with. She provided me top quality service that was also affordable. She finished my dress within 2 weeks, which was perfect and just what I needed to be ready for my friend’s wedding.”
Posted By: Stephanie Hirsch
Client since 2009

“Maria, my dress was beautiful thanks to your tailoring. It fit perfectly for my big day. Your eye for proportions is amazing. After having a negative experience and the shop where I bought my gown, your positive, caring personality and personable way of doing business was so stress relieving. THANK YOU!!”
Posted By: Paige Miller
Client since 2008

“Maria was an absolute pleasure to work with! She is very professional about what she does and also can help with your hair, jewelry, or anything else that you don’t have time for. Her attention to detail is amazing and i would hire her again in a heartbeat!”
Posted By: Michele
Client since 2008

“Maria is AMAZING! She does fantastic work and really try’s to do what is best for her customer! She is very knowledgeable and doesn’t try to add on things you don’t need. Maria also seeks to be cost efficient for your needs. I would and will go back to Maria for any of my alterations! Thanks so much!”
Posted By: Crystal King-Sadler
Client since 2008

“The day of my wedding everyone was raving over how fabulous my dress was. I owe that to Maria. I had lost 15 pounds from the time I bought it and needed to have some serious alterations that were very difficult. She did a fabulous job; you would never know the dress didn’t fit me perfectly right away. Everyone who has seen the pictures of the wedding have been raving over how awesome the dress is. She also helped me pick out my lipstick, how to do my hair, the type of veil to wear, and found an amazing shawl that matched my dress. Maria’s prices are really incredible for the work that she does. She also found a slip that worked with my dress after I had searched endlessly. Maria has a sparkling personality, and her personal style is something that you can not miss – it is unique and classy. She is so fun to work with.”
Posted By: Katie Strong (previously Barth)
Client since 2008

“Maria is great! Maria is a perfectionist. She assesses the project and gives details of what she will do to the dress and how the dress will look like after she gives it her magic touch. She is a wonderful lady and I highly recommend her to you.”
Posted By: Esmeralda Cervantes
Client since 2008

“Maria was absolutely fabulous! She did an excellent job w/the alterations needed for my dress. She’s so honest & personable. In addition to the dress alterations, she found the perfect tiara & veil to go w/my dress and made excellent suggestions for my jewelry. She was very reasonable & had a quick turnaround time. Everything was ready when she said it would be. I was completely satisfied with Maria’s service!”
Posted By: Christen Williams – Colbert
Client since 2008

“I am in love with my dress! It fits me like a glove. Maria did an amazing job! I had a very difficult situation with the dress: a daytime wedding and the dress is made for evening only and was see through on the bottom half. She found a slip that worked with the dress (after I had searched about 6 stores myself). The slip was very reasonably priced and so is her shopping. She altered the slip, and even found a shawl that matched my dress. She also altered the dress in some very difficult spots to make it fit me tighter so it wouldn’t gap. The dress has diamond shaped seams that she had to work with on the top half of the dress. She was able to take it in and keep the integrity of the dress. She also adjusted the straps. I was incredibly impressed with the job she did. I couldn’t believe the price that she did all of this for. On top of that, Maria has a beautiful, unique personality that anyone is bound to love. She is a truly beautiful person inside and out. She is a delight to work with.”
Posted By: Katie Barth

“Maria is such a blessing!!! She did an amazing job on the alterations I needed for my wedding gown. I was so afraid at first that once I got it back it would be a totally different gown, but she was so professional when I left from my fitting I knew it would be perfect, and it was it fit like a glove. I will be calling soon to get my Brand New Director’s Suit Altered! Know you are in my prayers daily (Cindy told me)…I love you!”
Posted By: Crystal Williams
Client since 2007

“Great flair and a beautiful, generous spirit! You made it easy to keep order in my big closet: clothes, shoes and bags!”
Posted By: Mara Greenberg
Client since 2007

“Maria was an answered prayer! My daughter had her first formal dance, and the dress she selected needed to be dramatically altered. I did not trust this task to just anyone. Luckily, I found out about Maria while searching the web and reviewing the B’Dazzled website. Upon meeting Maria, I could tell I had the right person to meet our needs. Maria was friendly and accommodating, and her level of expertise was obvious! In addition, she provided advice on how to complete “the look” for this special evening. Maria finished the alterations to the gown well in advance of the event. The gown fit my daughter perfectly! We can’t thank Maria enough for all her help!”
Posted By: Wendy Conrad
Client since 2008

“Maria is fabulous, we met, and after only moments of speaking, she knew what would look good on me AND fit my personality and lifestyle!! Thank you, MARIA!!!!”
Posted By: Lena
Client since 2007

“Great site, great work. Hard working, full of integrity, dedicated. You offer the best package a woman could ever need and your years of experience are evident after speaking with you for less than 2 minutes.”
Posted By: Sarah
Client since 2007

“Maria is the best I’ve found. She has done the impossible for me time after time. Alter a suit that is two sizes too big to perfection? Yep, she can do it and will be honest if she doesn’t think it’s worth the money. Speaking of money, she’s is very reasonable priced for the quality of work she does. I haven’t had the closet assessment yet but hear she rocks. That’s next on my list. Thanks Maria!”
Posted By: Colleen Barker

“I’ll see Maria every time I come to Houston (I live in France). She is a warm generous person who knows everything about how you ‘should’/’could’ look. She is patient and explains things in different ways until you get it (duh)! See you soon Maria.”
Posted By: Ann
Client since 2005

“I was fortunate to have found Maria. Maria has the most amazing experience in fashion. However, I like to think of her as a fashion psychologist because she works with the client so gently. She educates you as to what looks good on you and why. She helps you make budget minded decisions as you build your wardrobe. I loved taking the accessory class with others. So much fun! I want to take it and her other classes that she offers. Maria is a dream come true for me!”
Posted By: Linda DeFoy
Client since 2005
“Maria is a master at what she does. I have brought her pictures of what I wanted (of course it was the sleeves on this, the skirt on this – you get the idea) and she pulled it all together to create the perfect dress that was the perfect fit! I ONLY trust Maria with my alterations!!”
Posted By: Victoria Nelson

“About time… what a wonderful website:) No surprise for such an amazing woman. Maria puts her whole heart into everything she does. You can tell this within seconds of speaking to her on the phone. She has an amazing ability to pick up on who you are and reflect that through your style. I met Maria to have my Wedding dress altered and she took the time to give us hairstyle, flower, and wedding party attire advice. She has such a calming effect, which every bride needs.”
Thank you!
Posted By: Stephanie
Client since 2007

“Maria came to my store in 2001, Baubles & Beads/now B’Dazzled, to consign many evening gowns she owned. I was so impressed with her business & her many talents, I ask her to work for me…the rest is history! She helped so many ladies with her expertise in showing them how to wear color, accessorize, giving them confidence, even how to shop on a budget & look great! If the clothes didn’t fit properly, Maria would suggest alterations. It was truly important to Maria the customer was happy. I am glad to see her business expand…she is doing what she really enjoys…helping us & making us beautiful!”
Posted By: Tina Terry
Client since 2001

“I would not consider taking my business anywhere but to Maria. I’ve known her for 20+ years, and she is not only an exceptional talent in her profession, she is also an exceptional human being. She can make me look good in just about anything! She has helped me refine my personal style throughout my years as a student, a young professional, and now as a not-so-young professional. She is as excellent at organizing a closet as she is at altering a wedding gown and helping me pick out the perfect interview suit. You will not be disappointed!”
Posted By: Peggy Rhoads

“Maria is the best! She is meticulous with her work, willing to accommodate to your schedule and gives excellent fashion advice. Combined with her warm personality, she can assess your wardrobe needs within moments of meeting.”
Posted By: Shirley
Client since 2007

“Maria approaches her work with a professional tenacity. With your input and her experience, the end result will be at your highest expectations. She worked with me in choosing a designer gown, from Ester Wolf. My closet she organized in such a manner, it was easy to find the outfits I needed, and shopping to match outfits became fun and exciting. As an office professional, I dress from jackets and skirts, to subtle changes for evening. My formal attire, fits perfect, because Maria makes sure that it is. Ladies, you can attend any office meeting, with confidence. Change to chic casual for the weekend. For that special event, a stunning gown for evening. She can help you look your best, & will fit your budget as well.”
Posted By: JulieAnn
Client since 2006