Paws for Kat – And how you can help!

Kat Crawford is a beautiful 18 year old Houston woman who has been diagnosed with Neurocardiogenic Syncope, a heart condition which causes her to randomly pass out multiple times in a day. Quick internet research will show you that, currently, the cause of this disease is unknown.

Kat spends a majority of her day in a wheel chair, partially for protection from the sudden pass outs, and also because the frequency of them drains her energy. Her father passed away in 2011 and her mother left her job so take care of Kat.

The incidents are unpredictable. Well, unpredictable to a human.

On December 27th, Kat received Beau, a chocolate labradoodle who displays qualities of being able to be trained to sense when Kat is about to pass out, alert her, and guide her to a safe place to sit down. That is impressive! A fundraiser was held a couple days later in Tomball, Texas, for Kat and Beau to raise money for the purchase of Beau (as we can all imagine, a puppy that is capable of doing something so incredible through training is expensive), as well as maintaining his training, health and well-being as he becomes her companion through this exciting journey.

I heard about Kat and the fundraiser from my friend Linda, manager at Scruples Boutique, who had plans to attend. After hearing Kat’s story, I knew I had to get involved! I was unable to attend the fundraiser, however Linda was kind enough to take my items for the silent auction.  One item I donated was a wonderful blouse by Dallas designer Finley.  The second item was TransformationsByMaria Two Hours of Transformation – a certificate for Personal Shopping and/or Image Consultation with me.  It was a very successful day, thanks to the many contributions of all kinds!

At the end of the fundraiser, it was announced that, between the silent auction and the raffle, $14,000 was raised for Kat and Beau!! Take a look at this heartwarming photo of Kat, her mom, and Beau when it was announced:

It is Kat’s goal to train with Beau and gradually become more independent, as she has hopes to attend college in August. In the near future, Beau will be learning how to do amazing things, including:
-Pulling Kat in her wheelchair.
-Bring her needed items on demand.
-Help open doors.
-Go get help if she needs it.

Kat recently posted on her Facebook Page that her and Beau were training at Target and, at 10 weeks old, he knew that she was going to pass out.

Despite this amazing event, Kat and Beau still have a long ways to go. Kat has found a doctor in Dallas that is a specialist and determined to figure out how to help her. The money donated will also go to the enormous, impending medical bills that will be coming in (with her mother not working, Kat does not have insurance to help with the costs).

I am hoping to attend the next fundraiser, as I am eager to meet her. As soon as a date is set, I will share it with everyone. Of course, helping to share Kat’s story and donating are two great ways to show her that she has a strong support system!

Nothing is more rewarding than being apart of changing someone’s life or making the impossible…possible.

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