Brand Name vs. Custom Clothing

As a designer, I have seen people get caught up in labels – both the names and the numbers on them. Custom clothing, however, is about the individual person. It’s about his or her individual shape, whether it’s the one he or she was born with or one that has been created over tragedy. With custom clothing, you don’t have to worry about labels. You don’t have to stress over the name or the number on the label.

When you go in to see a custom clothing designer or tailor, you are able to leave the baggage of image – how you feel about your size and name brands – at the door. Manufacturers create labels; custom designers and tailors offer freedom from that.


Shopper Checking Prices

I’m here to tell you to ignore the label. Base your decisions on color, proportions, and type of fabric. Now, if you love a certain label because you know that the item fits perfectly with minimal to no alterations needed, the fabric is great, and maybe you can even get it on sale, then it is worth the cost. However, don’t buy something just because it’s $20 – the color may be wrong, the style may be wrong, and it might not fit properly.

If an item is going to be part of your core wardrobe, it should be a good, quality fabric. If it’s a trendy piece, such as a blouse or accessory, that you may only wear a few times, the quality of the fabric doesn’t matter as much. But wardrobe staples should be better quality.

The label doesn’t have to say “Armani” to look like a million dollars. Go into a high-end resale shop and find an item that is of good color, fabric, and proportion. With few to no tweaks, you will have your very own high-end item for pennies on the dollar. Textures are also important, and can make an item look very rich. For example, linen can be wrinkled but still look expensive.

Harwin (in Houston) is a great place to buy accessories. Faux amethyst, in the correct setting, looks authentic. This does not mean that you need one in every color, though, as the faux amber in the same setting may look fake. Choose the best color for you.


Color is so important, and it starts from the neck down – and if you wear makeup, it starts with the face. One of the biggest mistakes I have seen is when women choose the wrong color of lipstick, such as a warm lipstick with a cool suit. Remember: blues, purples, and pinks are cool, and autumn colors like green, orange, and yellow are warm. When in doubt, choose a neutral or gloss lipstick; neutral colors for clothing are forest greens, navy, grays, etc. Wearing a top that is beige with a yellow undertone may cause you to look completely washed out, but with a brown or turquoise necklace, the look can completely brighten and change. Try bringing out the color of your eyes with an accessory near your face, such as a necklace or scarf. It will make all the difference!

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