Finding Your GPS (Great Personal Style)

18788523415457814_gimm1xwv_cFor many men and women in their teens and twenties, looking and feeling great is easy. Often, your body is in better shape, you have more time to yourself, and it may even seem like you have more resources.

As time passes, keeping up your physical appearance can be more challenging. It can feel like nothing fits correctly, you have no time to spend on yourself, and that it’s close to impossible to find attractive, flattering things to wear. Responsibilities like household, children, career, and an endless to-do list weigh on you and keep you from looking and feeling your best.

But thirty and beyond doesn’t have to be the end of a fabulous, stylish you. You can still find your GPS – Great Personal Style – and I can help!

First, make a list about yourself: your personality and lifestyle. This will help you determine the type of wardrobe you need. Are you conservative or bohemian? Do you work in a corporate setting or a casual environment? Next, add things to the list like your favorite colors, shapes, and patterns. Think outside the box. If you always wear black but you love pink, add it to the list.

Now that your list is ready, go to your closet. Does anything in the closet resemble your list?

Maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom and it’s easier to pull on a T-shirt and baggy jeans then to try to assemble an outfit. But all women need to feel beautiful and confident. When you go out with your husband or girlfriends and have nothing to wear, you feel frumpy and unattractive. Maybe you’re a guy whose go-to look is throwing on track pants and running shoes, but it’s not getting you where you want to be professionally or in relationships. This all contributes to the vicious cycle of feeling discouraged and unhappy.

View your list again. Add factors like how much time you have to get ready each day and the budget you have to makeover your wardrobe.

If you’re a mom with a disheveled wardrobe, replace it with chic, simple pieces that are easy to wear but make you feel lovely and pulled together. Think light jackets, structured tops, cuffed jeans, cute yet comfortable wedges and sandals, and pretty jewelry. As a man, investing in pieces like a fine leather belt and shoes will truly change the appearance of many outfits. Small things like putting on a sport coat over a nice shirt paired with dark wash jeans can take you from haggard to handsome.

Polyvore and Pinterest are wonderful resources for constructing style boards and pinning ideas. Put together looks and outfits, keeping your list of colors, shapes, and also time and budget in mind. This will help you stay focused while you are shopping.

Please contact me with any questions you may have while creating your GPS. As an image consultant and life coach in Houston, I am here to help you find your fabulous, confident self! Leave a comment if you have started or will be starting your GPS file. Let’s do this together!

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