Meet Mistylynn

When Mistylynn first came to me, she had some complaints about her style. For one, people were always mistaking her for someone much younger. As the owner of a construction company, she felt she was not being taken seriously. Her life is very invested into being a mother, and she home schools her three children, so she had time restraints regarding her personal style.

Her goals were to find a balance between her lifestyle, personality, and clothing. After her time with me, Mistylynn felt more confident and happy than she had in a long time. We were able to develop a style that was fabulous but also practical to her life. Many of her new clothes fit well, but are wash and wear as well as comfortable. Practical does not have to be drab! In Mistylynn’s case, we went for a chic casual look, with the ability to add pieces such as a tailored jacket for a more business casual look when needed.

“Shopping with Maria is like shopping with an honest best friend. I’m always so comfortable when I’m with her. Not only does she know everything imaginable about fabrics, colors, style, and accessories, but also how to take care of them over time. She is well acquainted with many stores, for example, which ones carry what sizes and styles. She also knows the staff of those stores personally, which helps streamline the shopping process. While shopping, Maria helped me save money with online deals and coupons. I am so thankful to Maria teaching me how to shop for myself confidently instead of relying on jeans and T-shirts.”

Working with Mistylynn was so much fun and I was happy to help her discover her GPS – Great Personal Style.

Within the Closet

Before: Mistylynn, standing in her closet in shorts and a T-shirt.


After: Pieces found in her own closet but styled differently than she would normally wear them.

Shopping Trip

Before: Mistylynn in her standard jeans, T-shirt, and sneakers.


After: Fitted jeans, a comfortable yet stylish blouse, and low heels.

Have you started your GPS file of items to help guide you as you shop and dress? If you need help, give me a call or send me a message! It is my passion to help others discover their very own Great Personal Style.

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