Meet: Irma – Before and After | Client Testimonial

One of my clients, Irma, shared this testimonial on my website in March, but I wanted to share it and include her “before” photo and a few “after” photos because I know that what she felt prior to calling me is not uncommon!

photo 1

“What can I say.  I feel good (like the song)!  I thought a lot before calling Maria, as I am always mindful of the family budget.  There I was once again in my closet, this time after work, trying to figure out what to wear for a date with my hubby.  After trying on several things, I threw on a hoodie over some shirt, kept my baggy work pants and running shoes and once again I felt frumpy.

I finally called her.  Right away she was teaching and I was soaking it up and beginning to feel more secure, more like myself.  We went shopping and she quickly found stuff that fit!  A few days later I was shopping and found a dress within 10 mins of stepping in the store, snapped a pic and sent it for her thoughts and she enthusiastically approved!  I felt good and our adventure has just begun!  Highly recommended!”

Irma and I first looked at what she already owned, and found a few pieces that would work very well together for her body.  Our goal was to give her a slimming, elongated look, and we accomplished this in the photo below by pushing up the sleeves, wearing the jacket open, and having a pop of color – one better suited for her skin tone.


photo 4

Then, we went shopping together and I showed her what to look for when choosing a core wardrobe for her GPS (Great Personal Style) – a collared shirt to frame her face, darts in the blouse to slim her body, and fitted pants:

photo 2

We left the store with about 10-15 new items for Irma’s wardrobe (and at a great discount, too!) and Irma showed a confidence in herself that had been tucked away.  Finally, the clothes aren’t wearing her, she’s wearing them!

One thing Irma was really missing was a proper pair of shoes.  I gave her a description of what kind of shoe she needed, and, while she was shopping without me, she used Instant Image to confirm her choices before she bought them:

photo (1)

The next day, excited to take what she had learned, Irma went shopping for a dress to wear at an upcoming event.  Again, she sent me an Instant Image  – and WOW!

photo (2)

I was so proud of Irma and how she applied what she learned from our sessions together!  I don’t think she will be wearing a hoodie for a date night with her husband anytime soon!

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