Winner of GPS Transformation Contest: Alice

Alice Wilson was one of the winners of the GPS (Great Personal Style) Transformation contest we hosted on Facebook in February. I chose Alice because she works hard and puts the needs of others ahead of her own. Recently, Alice has been striving for a healthier lifestyle and has lost a significant amount of weight. However, her clothing did not reflect those changes – in fact, when I visited her home, I found that many of the items in her closet were from several decades ago! Alice had put her own life on hold while raising three children. She needed a complete transformation and a total closet overhaul.

When I visit a client, I am typically able to supplement pieces he or she already owns with new items to create a fresh, wearable wardrobe. In Alice’s case, we needed to start from scratch – with one exception. One of her dresses was very pretty, and the simple addition of shoulder pads gave it that WOW factor. Alice immediately began standing straighter, exuding a newfound self-confidence.

We created an entirely new wardrobe for Alice that fit her budget and lifestyle. Due to my connections as a personal shopper, I was able to transfer a 40% off coupon to her. I was also able to allow her to choose from items given to the Transformations by Maria foundation, in exchange for a monetary donation to the foundation.

To reward Alice for the work she has done, I gave her a silver butterfly necklace. This necklace will be an inspiration and reminder to her as she continues to move forward towards change and growth.

As an image consultant and life coach based in Houston, Texas, my passion is helping others value themselves! One of the first steps in that can be accepting the past and moving into the future by making physical, mental, and emotional changes – including finding a personal style that makes them look and feel beautiful and confident. Here are some quotes from Alice and others about the experience:

I recently realized that I needed to replace some OLD clothes, but I needed some help and inspiration to figure out what I needed to create a new look. I looked to the Internet, and that is where I found Transformations by Maria. I was so excited to win the GPS Transformation! I had my first meeting with her yesterday, and I’m so glad I’m doing this. She is very friendly and really cares about her clients. She was encouraging, but also frank. I am looking forward to our next visit! –Alice

After seeing Alice in her new clothes, we took a few photographs of her in her previous go-to outfits so we could compare. 45 minutes before, in her new clothes, it had been obvious that Alice knew she looked beautiful and had been showing off her new things. In her old clothes, she became withdrawn again, as though she was eager to get out of them and get back to the new Alice. The transformation was incredible! –Sarah, assistant

Thank you for doing such wonderful things with Allie! You have achieved nothing short of a miracle! She is so dear to me and I am so glad she found you.  –Diane, Alice’s friend of 20 years

If you’re interested in a complete transformation, call me at (713) 502-4106! You can also contact me via my website, like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, connect via LinkedIn, follow me on Pinterest, and shop my boutique, On the Rocks. Looking forward to connecting with you soon!

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    1. Thank you Joanie for reading and commenting. I think she looks so amazing and she had so many outfits to chose…that it was hard to decide which to post. Tomorrow I will remove all the 70, 80 wardrobe….so she can finish the transformation. I’m sure she will be giving another testimonial when she is ready.

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