On The Rocks Boutique is OPEN!

I am so excited to share this news with everyone – Are you sitting down?

The growth and demand of our custom design jewelry has resulted in a “revamp” of our online boutique!  The mission is simple:  To Make A Statement with Natural Beauty.

Already, we have listed pendants made of natural stones and hand wrapped in either sterling silver or gold,  stylish necklaces to add a fun ‘pop’ to your outfit, and PEARLS!  You know, the great thing about the natural stones is that they are products of NATURE, and therefore each one is a little different and can easily dress up or accentuate your “GPS” (Great Personal Style).   I personally select each natural stone that is used in our custom jewelry and decide if the stone should be accented with sterling silver or gold, hand wrapped or if it should be inlaid in sterling silver, if there should be a delicate rope frame around the stone, and so much more.  Each piece is unique beyond the stone itself, and that is what keeps this so fun and exciting for both myself and my clients!

A lot of the pieces that we have listed so far were selected for more than just their beauty; we chose pieces that can be worn with a variety of outfits – because a beautiful necklace should pair well with more than one top or color, don’t you agree?

Take a look – and check back often because this is barely 25% of what we have in stock.

And remember:  Always mix your Faux and your Real!


2 thoughts on “On The Rocks Boutique is OPEN!”

  1. Congratulations! Wow! Beautiful and unique pieces – you rock! Looking forward to shopping “On The Rocks Boutique for future pieces. I personally own several of your custom pieces and the quality is outstanding. Shopping online is going to bring me back as it’s very convenient. Thank you!

    1. Thank you Frances! I know you look radiant and so polished, the pieces accent your outfits beautifully!. I enjoy and get excited to see what you are wearing everyday. You mention the the Rutilated quartz gave you energy and when you took the piece off, you started to unwind. I wore the Agate two nights in a row and had no dreams, a very solid sleep. The last two nights I have been dreaming of work and up through the night…..agate will be on tonight…we shall see.

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