Partnering with Soteria Skin & Massage | Image Consultant & Life Coach based in Houston, Texas

Not only is our business unique, but we also treat our clients like celebrities. As our client, you will receive the red carpet treatment. If you are looking for a total makeover, Maria will help you transform from the inside out by bringing out the best in you. Once you feel more confident and have built a wearable, fresh wardrobe, we can guide you into the next stage of your transformation.

We believe that everyone deserves to feel positive, happy, and attractive in his or her own skin, which is why we have partnered with Lori and Dianne at Soteria Skin in Houston to offer discounts to Transformations by Maria clients on skin care and massage services. A relaxing massage will ease you into this new stage of your life, and a facial or other skin treatment will help the glow from within begin to show outwardly.

Here is what Lori and Dianne have to say:

“The first time I met Maria, I knew that our hearts were speaking the same language, and that our philosophies and visions were closely aligned. At Soteria Skin, we believe that everyone should be strong and prosperous, and we strive to help others achieve these attributes. By seeing the beauty within ourselves, we all become stronger and more prosperous. Maria has given someone in my life the gift of beauty within; I have watched Maria work her magic with my best friend and have seen my friend grow stronger and more prosperous with each passing day. By joining forces with Maria, we can reach more people and help them achieve these goals.” – Dianne Gilbert, Registered Nurse (RN) and Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)

“I have decided to partner and work with Maria because of her gentle spirit and true passion to help others, especially women. I feel that women are hit from all sides these days with photoshopped ads that show ‘perfect’ women, and that’s just not reality. My heart’s desire is to see women set free, to feel they are beautiful as they are, and to have fun going where they want to go. I call it ‘being your own kind of beautiful.’  I was introduced to Maria after a transformation she did with an acquaintance, and the transformation was beautiful. My thoughts and desires are that if I can be a part of what she is doing and help in any way, then I have been matched up with a kindred soul.” – Lori Yeats, Licensed Esthetician and Owner of Soteria Spa

With Transformations by Maria and Soteria, you can experience a complete transformation that results in both looking and feeling amazing.

We have several other partnerships in the works for hair and makeup, so stay tuned!