Winner of GPS Transformation Contest: Jeanna

Jeanna Wattles was one of the winners of the GPS (Great Personal Style) Transformation contest we hosted on Facebook in February. She is a wife and mother who has experienced the struggles of having a premature baby in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).


Jeanna’s daughter, Alia – 2 pounds at birth, now a healthy and happy baby!

Growing up, she was one of five children who was used to wearing hand-me-downs. She said that her style hadn’t evolved much over the years, and that living in jeans and tee shirts was her norm. She expressed feeling like a failure when trying to assemble outfits that wouldn’t come together. She entered the contest because she wanted to graduate into a more mature and sophisticated personal style.

Jeanna Before

Jeanna – Before

During our shopping experience, Jeanna was able to learn style, color, and proportion to assist her in finding her GPS – Great Personal Style. With the discounts I was able to find for her, we were able to purchases about 23 pieces to begin to build her wardrobe.

Jeanna After

Jeanna – After

After her GPS transfortmation, Jeanna realized that feeling “fine” about herself was not enough, and began an even greater personal transformation. Motivated, she started a weight loss system that fits her lifestyle and has been very successful for her. She was also led to give of herself to other NICU parents and to help them cope with the rollercoaster lifestyle of having a hospitalized newborn. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for Jeanna and what other amazing things she will accomplish.

Here’s what Jeanna has to say about her experience with Transformations by Maria:

“Since winning the GPS Transformation contest, my life has completely changed. I really took to heart the fact that I am able transform myself. I have gotten involved with a non-profit and started running a chapter in the Houston area helping families who have premature babies, and it has been so fulfilling.

Recently, I attended a party where I needed to dress up a bit. Normally, I would have wrecked my closet and tried on everything I own, cried, or gotten into an argument and decided not to go. Instead, I went to my closet and picked out what to wear within minutes. Now that I understand what to wear and why, dressing myself is easy. For the first time in my life, I actually look forward to shopping. I now have the confidence to go and do the things I want rather than hiding behind the excuse that “I don’t have anything to wear!”

Since the contest, I have lost 2 pant sizes. I also cut my hair for the first time in years. I feel more like ME. Thank you so much for this contest. It has been such a blessing. Thank you, Maria, for showing me the royal treatment.”

Jeanna Before After Wardrobe Consultation Closet Organization Houston

Jeanna’s Closet – Before (Top) & After (Bottom)

As an image consultant, personal shopper, and life coach based in Houston, Texas, my passion is helping others value themselves! One of the first steps in that can be accepting the past and moving into the future by making physical, mental, and emotional changes – including finding a personal style that makes them look and feel beautiful and confident.

If you’re interested in a complete transformation, call me at (713) 502-4106! You can also contact me via my website, like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, connect via LinkedIn, follow me on Pinterest, and shop my boutique, On the Rocks. Looking forward to connecting with you soon!