Shop The Loft = Shop A Lot?

If you are signed up to receive emails from The Loft to learn of their latest sales, trends, and promos, then you probably saw this one last week:


This email is misleading on so many levels, it’s no wonder so many women have a hard time shopping!

Did you know that a lot of people look terrible in yellow? The undertones in a person’s skin determines this, therefore it is not a great choice to have in an email promoting the purchase of a yellow top.

These emails are created by the marketing team – they are thinking about selling trends, not about what will look good on someone. The viewer is led to believe that these items pictured are versatile – but look at the variety of color and pattern? These pieces are not easily matched, and therefore are not pieces for your core wardrobe.

Core Wardrobe

  • Black, Gray, or Tweed pant
  • Black Skirt
  • Blouse
  • Shell
  • Black Jacket

Now, let’s talk cost.

They want you to spend $39 on an item that is not versatile. Take a look at the plaid pants. What would you pair them with? Black, white, …maybe red. That’s it. They are offering three “easy” pieces and all I see are three nightmare pieces. How frustrating! Friends, how many times have you gone into the fitting room with three sizes of the same pant? The size you think you are, and the size above and below. AND, if it’s not the right style for your body, they are all a “no” – Don’t subject yourself to three rejections. Learn how to gauge the match between the item of clothing and your body while the item is still on the hanger. Can you imagine how much more efficient your shopping experience would be? One session with me will teach you everything I know – and I offer the added bonus of Instant Image Consulting (clients said they wished I was in their back pocket while they shopped, so we made it happen)!

Let me ask you: How many times have you wasted your money on clothes? It’s time to spend your money on learning and make the investment that will stop you from wasting your time and money at the store — two things we can all agree are precious commodities these days.

Perhaps it is because I find that Education is one of the most important things in this world, but I can’t help but relate this to a class. You go to school to learn about life and your career, why would you neglect the opportunity to be educated in the knowledge of finding yourself in the items you put on your body to represent the person you are? How can you dress the part?

Don’t take the test without studying – Usually, when someone does, they do not do well, find themselves beating themselves up about it, start to hate it, and have an overall distaste for the situation. It affects multiple aspects of their life.

Spend your money on your basic core, not trends!

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  1. Great blog, Maria! Than you for reminding me to pay attention to what looks good on ME, not to trends. Spent yesterday morning shopping and focused almost exclusively on blacks and jewel tones. Added a few great core pieces to my wardrobe–fabulous black pencil skirt, black trousers, black structured sweater that doubles as a casual Friday jacket, deep magenta cowl neck shell, and black/white subtly patterned silk blouse. No yellow, orange or floral prints in sight!! I feel pretty and professional! Thank you!

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