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Announcing the winners of the
GPS (Great Personal Style) Transformation!


Jeanna Wattles: “I have no style. I have always struggled with finding clothes that flatter me. I have an odd shape; I am top-heavy with very manly shoulders. I had my baby a little over 8 months ago. Alia was born early and only weighed 1 pound, 11 ounces. I sat in the hospital with her for 3 months straight. I want to be able to go out with other women and feel like I belong, instead of the girl who sticks out like a sore thumb. I don’t want Alia to see how I struggle with the way clothes look on me. I want her to see a confident mom who can pass on her strengths, not her insecurities. I had my baby when I was 6 months pregnant so I only put on about 12 pounds. Today (8 months later), I am still wearing maternity pants. I guess since Alia was so sick, all my attention and strength went to her, and I forgot about me. I want to feel pretty again. I try to not have to go anywhere outside of the house because I don’t want to get dressed. Even when I do have dinner or where to go, I find myself trying on everything in my closet. On occasion, I can be found crying in the closet, or even canceling plans because I have nothing to wear. Clothes should give you a glimpse of the life you live, not stop you from living it. Please help!”


Laura Chambers, entered by her sister Mary: “My sister is a mom to two wonderful young adults who work and attend college. She is always laughing, easygoing, and her world is her family. Last fall, she unexpectedly lost her best friend, her husband Frank, to Esophageal Cancer. Laura now struggles daily with grief, and has to prepare for the working world. She has given her all to her family, through sickness and health. Now she needs some help with a wardrobe, not only for the working world, but for herself. Laura wants to attend college, work, and go out with her children and friends. She is in her early 40’s and having to start over. Time with a personal stylist to help her begin this new journey would be a Godsend!”


Alice Wilson, entered by her daughter Meredith: “My mom deserves a transformation. Recently she has been working hard on losing weight and eating healthier. Her fashion sense could use some help. For example, she wears “mom jeans” and shorts and skirts that come up too high on her torso. She doesn’t always know how to create outfits that flatter her body and make her feel confident and beautiful! After three kids, she deserves to have her wardrobe transformed and to learn the best ways to dress her body! My mom is beautiful inside and out.”

We chose these three winners because they are survivors! Jeanna has survived the early birth and illness of her child, and has emerged with new strength and is ready to find her GPS – not only for her own sake, but also for her daughter. Laura has survived the death of her husband, and finds herself beginning a new journey. A GPS is just what she needs to help her get started! Alice has raised three children, allowing them to be her main focus for many years. She is now giving herself some much-needed love and attention, through losing weight and healthy living. She is beginning her own transformation, and some help with her GPS will get her even further. These three women are brave, strong, and beautiful! I cannot wait to help them find their GPS – Great Personal Styles – so that they can not only look great, but feel confident, powerful, and ready to conquer the world!

THANK YOU to everyone else who entered yourself or friends: Janice (Mary Townsend’s mother), Rosalind Cook, Katie Miller, Charidy Simpson, Adriana Polito, Crystal King-Sadler, Candace Chambers, Mary Townsend, Joanie Hendricks, Chell Massey, Maria Turner, and Fatmah Al’as. You ladies showed your courage and inner beauty by entering yourselves and/or your loved ones, and I would like to reward you for that! If you choose to continue your journey to finding your GPS by calling me to help, you will receive the first hour of your closet consultation for FREE! During this hour, we will assess your closet and determine your goals. Please call me today to book your appointment! 713-502-4106

I am very excited to begin GPS Transformations with the three winners, and look forward to sharing them with you via videos and photos on Facebook, Twitter, and my blog. Make sure you’re following along!

8 thoughts on “Winners of the GPS (Great Personal Style) Transformation! | Image Consultant & Life Coach based in Houston, Texas”

    1. Dear Joanie, it is exciting and thank you for your talent and knowing Laura….because of your talents I was able to begin their journey in a moving way. An expression of my feelings for the contestants to hear…for all to hear…over and over. God bless you both.

  1. Yaaaay!! Congratulations to everyone. After I get my closet straightened up I for sure will be in touch Maria! I found some spring clothes while shopping this evening and I know you can help me coordinate to look age appropriate. I am excited and thankful for not only your expertise but the fact that you truly care about helping people to feel good about themselves through GPS!!

    1. Hey Mary, why wait? Send me pictures of what you bought or different outfits to my business email and we can go from there. We can Face time or Skype too. I help people play and learn all over….you are beautiful! You are so giving and entered many into the contest…you need the ” go give” award.

  2. Congratulations to each of you. You will enjoy working with Maria – she is real, she inserts a level of professionalism that makes you comfortable and she is gentle with you who you are – Maria is a true blessing – enjoy and treasure every moment with her!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. It is always so special when I get a clients call. I am moved when I can look back on their journey and watch them grow, remember or use the ingredients that have always been inside. I am so thankful to be apart of your rebirth. Your testimonials are confirmation of why I do and what I’m led to do.

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