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If you are new to the Transformations by Maria blog or Facebook page, you may have some questions about who I am and what I do. Here’s a description – in the form of a Q&A – of the services I offer, as well as a little “behind-the-scenes” look at how I develop relationships with my clients. Enjoy!

Q. What is Transformations by Maria?

A. My name is Maria Cummings, and Transformations by Maria is my business. I am an image consultant, life coach, personal shopper, and custom jewelry and clothing designer. I also do closet and home assessments and reorganization, as well as clothing repairs and alterations. I am available to assist brides with shopping, alterations, custom jewelry, and more.

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Q. Who are my clients?

A. Those who are looking to make a good impression, change their style, update their look, and/or get organized. Many of my clients need to match their style to a new job or place in life. Some are just in a rut and need help getting out of it. I can help my clients get back on the right track and take full control of their image and life.

Q. What happens when a client comes to see me?

A. In the initial client interview/consultation, I determine the client’s needs. Then, I can go on to help him or her where they need it most. I can teach a client about: color, fit and fabric; what styles to wear for their body type; what to keep, sell, or donate; how to shop; what to alter; how to use jewelry and accessories; and how to apply make-up and find a hairstyle. I am an expert at using clothes to bolster self-confidence and help an individual overcome insecurities about his or her body. When people work to improve their outward appearance, they will automatically feel better about themselves within.

Q. What is my relationship with my clients?

A. I am a combination fairy godmother and security blanket, and I will stay with my clients until they have achieved their goals. I develop a personal bond with each of my clients in order to understand, improve, and strengthen the image they have of themselves. I tailor the services I provide to each individual, thus enabling the client to create their own transformation on their own terms. Due to my wide range of skills, clients naturally evolve into multiple service customers as they discover everything I can do for them. Often, I will become a lifelong coach for clients. As they go through changes and stages in their lives, they call me to help them update their personal style to match their current lifestyle needs.

Q. How does cost play a role in someone’s transformation?

A. The value I provide to my clients far outweighs the cost of the service. At Transformations by Maria, the client’s needs always come first. I will ensure that the choices I help my client make are necessary and truly useful to the client. We will avoid buyer’s remorse by making sure that the purchases we make together serve them well and fulfill the desired outcome in their lives. My greatest goal is for my clients to be happier after working with me than they were before we met.

 Q. How does Transformations by Maria give back?

A. In the last few months, I have been working personally with Katherine Griffin Townsend of We’ve Been There Done That. The mission of this organization is to rehabilitate women who are victims of prostitution, drug abuse, and sex trafficking. These women need donations of beds, furniture, children’s items, and gently used clothing as they work to restore their lives. This blog post explains more about We’ve Been There Done That, and includes information on how you can help.

If you would like to request a quote or connect with me, you can call (713) 502-4106 or email You can also like Transformations by Maria on Facebook, where I feature inspirational photos, fashion and style tips, and fun giveaways.

Thanks for reading!

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