Meet Lisa

When Lisa first reached out to me, it was through email. She let me know that she was a recent college graduate/young professional looking for a few classic, high-quality pieces to begin building a social and professional wardrobe. She typically chose clothes that were black and dark tones, but was open to other colors. By the end of our time together, Lisa was wearing a snakeskin top with jeans and her cowboy boots – a far cry from drab! She immediately began to get compliments from friends on her new look.


As an engineer working on a predominantly male team, Lisa wanted to look beautiful and professional while still being taken seriously. We got her out of five-pocket baggy jeans and into fitted slacks, and from loose shirts to tailored tops with a feminine flow. We also added shape and visual interest with sweaters, jackets, and accessories such as belts and heels. Lisa was able to keep elements of her original style – for example, her trademark cowboy boots! – thus adding a comfort level to her new look. She felt like herself, only better.

Lisa could only meet on her lunch break, after 5pm, or on weekends, and thought that would be a hindrance in our work together. The truth of the matter is, I work with my clients based on their personal schedule and obligations. If you want to meet with me but feel like you don’t have the time, call me! We can come up with a schedule that works for you.


Here’s what Lisa had to say about her experience with Transformations:


Dressing well is about far more than just wearing clothes – it’s about projecting a persona. Maria understands this and helped me find a wardrobe that makes me look better than I originally thought possible. After years of having a closet full of clothes that made me feel invisible, it is incredible having a wardrobe full of pieces that make me feel attractive and confident. I highly recommend working with her!

 Maria knew which pieces would flatter my figure and coloring before I even tried them on. Plus, before we even set foot inside a retail store, Maria took the time to listen to me and fully understand the vibrant, confident image that I wanted to project with my clothes. Not only did she select pieces for me that fit me better than anything else that I own, but she also hunted down sales and affordable suppliers that let me build a wardrobe at a far more reasonable price than if I were deal-hunting on my own. Moreover, she helped me donate all my poorly fitting clothes to a charity where I know they will be put to good use. For someone who hates to throw anything away (even clothes that I hate wearing), this was a big plus.

Finally, Maria taught me how to shop for quality, flattering clothing on my own. She truly was a friend throughout this process. Normally shopping is a discouraging, frustrating process for me. Not only was it pleasant shopping with Maria (it’s amazing how good it feels to try on clothes that look fantastic), but I now feel confident in finding clothes for the future. Thank you so much Maria!


If you’ve been thinking about a change, now is the time! Send me a message or give me a call and we’ll chat. A transformation – physical and mental – is the perfect way to boost your confidence and give you a new outlook, whatever your stage of life may be. You can also follow me on Facebook for fashion tips, style inspiration, and more.

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