November Savings

Happy November! Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year, and Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday full of sharing, family, and warmth. With Christmas right around the corner, the theme of giving is everywhere. I wanted to give a gift to you, so that you can give to others.

For every 2 hours you book with me in the month of November, you will receive $50 off the total cost!

This would make a wonderful Christmas gift for a spouse, family member, special friend, or yourself! See below for a few of the testimonials from happy clients after they gave or received a gift certificate for my services:

 When my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I told him I’ve always thought it would be fun to meet with an image consultant. I wasn’t so interested in fashion per se but more interested in someone who would offer advice on better expressing my personality though my wardrobe. I found Maria’s site and felt that her focus was just that. I was not disappointed! On her first visit, she takes lots of time to ask questions and get to know you. She is a delight to work with and surpassed my expectations. She is very supportive, hands-on all the way, always keeps a good value and your budget in mind. Her experience and eye are awesome and she hands out helpful tips constantly. At any age, it can be fun to learn to take care of and express yourself and Maria is a wonderful person to help you. –Susan P.


 My husband presented me with a gift certificate for an initial consultation with Maria, as a graduation present. Through many failed attempts to meet due to my very busy schedule, I finally sat down with Maria in late July. As we talked, I learned that Maria provided a service that was so much more than what to wear/not to wear. In just that initial meeting, Maria asked me questions and helped me start to re-discover the “me” beneath the roles I take on (i.e. wife, mother, daughter, girlfriend) and the clothes I wear. I learned so much from just that initial meeting. Maria was very positive and helped me to see simple changes that could be made to fit who I am and my lifestyle. She is about “transformation” and not about throwing everything out and starting from scratch. I liked that! I really enjoyed my initial meeting and can’t wait to work on my closet. It’s going to be a blast! –Carmen


Maria was a birthday present for my daughter, who lacked confidence in her style decisions. I was concerned about a consultant my age understanding 20’s style, but saw that she had helped teens before, and has children in their 20’s. It was not a problem. Maria got to know her, and gave a very personalized consult. I especially liked her approach to utilize what you have, make it work for you, rather than throw everything away and start over. Can’t afford that! Maria is energetic, upbeat, and full of great ideas. –Ellen Reeder

Christmas will be here before we know it, so get your shopping done early and take advantage of savings by purchasing gift certificates from Transformations by Maria!

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